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Detailing: ASME view callouts


Detailing: ASME view callouts

I've posted this in a couple of areas, including CS and Ideas.

Problem is the extra space character in detail view callouts and section view callouts.

I don't know if this was always this way and I just hadn't noticed it, or if it was accidentally introduced recently.

Now that I know about it my OCD kicked in and "I MUST SAVE THE WORLD!" by ridding every detail and section view of superfluous spaces.

Please tell me your version of Pro/E, WF, or Creo doesn't behave this way...



Yes, mine acts the same way (WF 5.0/Creo).


It's always had 2 spaces. In the old days, you had the parens, so it was:

{0:DETAIL }{1:A}

This made it easy to make the "A" a larger size (for us, .250").

Now, it seems they made the parens generally invisible, and you only get the parens when you change the size:


In some instances it works a little better, but I think in more cases, at least for us who use different sizes, it's a little more cumbersome. Not too bad, (unlike the ribbon), but enough to be a little annoying.

lol Antonius... "I MUST SAVE THE WORLD!"

I get this all the time. In fact, this is my explanation for why I'm always here answering questions. I see someone in distress and no one's helping them... "I MUST RESCUE THEM!"

Maybe I need therapy.

Spending time on this board, it that the kind of therapy you want?

I'm married to a therapist... so I can't escape!

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