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Does anyone remember ComputerVision DesignView?


Does anyone remember ComputerVision DesignView?

Does anyone remember ComputerVision DesignView from the early '90s? I seem to recall that it was really rather good. Can anyone suggest a modern equivalent for 2D parametric sketching? Alternatively, does anyone have an old copy of DesignView I could have?



I recall that when PTC acquired ComputerVision, there was some CV
product that was renamed Pro/Desktop.
Wasn't that DesignView?


WOW! Now I feel old...

I remember Designview back in the days when we were running CV Personal Designer.


COMPAQ DOS 3.1(?) on a Deskpro/386.

Vermont Microsystems Video card at (GASP) 1024x768 resolution

A 12x12 Tablet for a mouse

A 19" Mitsubishi Monitor that probably had enough radiation to take years off of my life!

(...Good times ...)


Wasn't Designview started by some of the people who eventually formed Solidworks?

BTW, as I remember, Designview was not a 'finished' product, and had some hiccups...

AFAIK, Personal Designer is/was still available on the web, without the surfacing and CAM modules.

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Pro/DESKTOP was orginally called DesignWave when it was a secret project at ComputerVision. I was at the last Computervision conference in San Diego and had to sign a non-disclosure to see it. PTC bought them a few months later and renamed it as Pro/Desktop.

I think Design View might be referring to Personal Designer.


I think pro/desktop was originally called designwave. (I might be wrong)

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Well fortunately some of you do...

My thanks to John for sending me copy of the software, and also to various other people for their suggestions. However I don't think there is an alterative solution to this piece of 1980's software (yes, it is that old).

I have actually put in a request to PTC that they should re-instate it because it is/was brilliant (see attached). The simplest/best 2D parametric solutionthat I can find.



- Pro/DESKTOP (aka DesignWave) may have used some components of DesignView, but it was 3D whereas DesignView is pure 2D.

- DesignView was originally developed by a company called Premise (who were subsequently bought by CV). The key individuals at Premise then went on to be founding members of SolidWorks.

So there you go...

Oops forgot the attachment...
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