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I agree with you on the price debate. Somehow I cannot see any of the medical people doing a good job with any problem I might have with my hands.

Michael P. Locascio

21-Topaz I

What about this one?


Steve G

I got the Anker vertical wireless mouse a month ago and like it. More comfortable than a standard mouse once you get used to it. My only complaint is the actuation force of the buttons. I don't think it takes any more force for the Anker buttons than a standard mouse, but the mouse tends to move to the left when pushing the buttons. A standard mouse just gets pushed into the pad. I find this annoying when trying to use the middle mouse button to accept or close a window in Creo. The mouse moves when pushing the button and does not accept/close. You have to learn to push back with your thumb to counteract the button push. Maybe the Evoluent vertical mouse has less actuation force for the buttons and does not have this issue. Otherwise, the Anker mouse is great for $24.


Thanks for posting! This looks like a deal and is likely worth trying -
Maybe as a spare to throw in my bag for when I travel and forget my Evo.

Likely one of the learning curve items is the need to squeeze the buttons
rather than push them.

The other one is our innate habit of lifting the mouse and dropping it to a
new location to keep it on the mousepad (for example) cannot happen easily
with a v-mouse. Evoluent instructs the user to tilt the mouse and drag -
this you can get used to easily, but it is different and the edge on which
one drags the mouse when tilting is not a very good gliding surface - it is
worse on the V4 than it was on the previous versions because they added a
"shelf" for your pinky. This is a nice feature, but the sharp edge of the
shelf catches on the mousepad sometimes.


Wow, I can't remember when I last used a mouse pad! Have just used the desk for years.

Remember the really old ones had an optical grid in them?

David Haigh

LOL! Just had this conversation yesterday w/ a co-worker -I still use a pad. This old dog still likes the feel and quietness of moussing on a pad. Whenever I drive someone else's 'puter, the sound of the mouse on the bare desk top sliding & slapping distracts me.

Ha, mouse pads, I too abhor the results of a mouse on desktop, I use old 11x17 (A3) prints stacked so I have a place to scribble notes and sketches and keep my mouse quiet. (Yes, that is an old male mouse, have not gotten fancy with the verticals yet but I do have a hockey puck 3dconnexion.)

I’m with you Joe,

My Logitech M510 is on its last legs so it needs a clean white field so I use copier paper as a mouse pad.

Bob Lohbauer

I just got an Anker wired vertical mouse from Amazon for only $14. Here is a quick comparison to my Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 (wired):

· Evoluent is a little more vertical than the Anker – As such the Anker is likely to be easier to get used to for someone coming from a horizontal mouse.

· The Anker feels like a more natural ergonomic shape – The Anker's thumb position is lower and closer to the palm.

· The Evoluent mouse buttons are easier to press – The Anker's feel a bit stiff.

· The Anker has a much better scroll wheel/middle button – Easier to roll, better detents, and more positive feel.

· Evoluent quality issue – The Evoluent has had an issue where the scroll wheel rubber slips on the actual plastic wheel.

· Anker quality issue – The four pads under the Anker don't lie in a plane so it rocks slightly when sitting on a desk.

Mile Foster

Mike – thanks for this review. Pretty impressive stack up considering the price difference. Does the Anker have/need a special driver?

I remember reading about a competitor to 3DConnexion a couple of years ago that was supposed to have a decent 3 space controller at a much lower price. Anyone know about this?


23-Emerald II

Thanks Mike, Good review. Nice to see a direct comparison.

What is your overall feeling? When you add price in to the equation, the Anker is definitely a good deal. If you don’t include cost, which one would you choose?

I like to use a Razer copperhead mouse with a Destructor pad.

With the pad the mouse slides like it’s on ice.

The pad is only .100” thick so it’s like running it on the desk.

Do not use a mouse with soft feet like a Logitech G400s, it will clog the pad surface.

The pad surface is a hard plastic with a textured finish with a rubber base.


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