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Enhancement Requests. Where to from here?


Enhancement Requests. Where to from here?

Hi Folks,

Still getting used to this forum method rather than the email Exploder.

At the 2010 conference in Orlando we were told that PTC ignores enhancement requests in their present format. This was explained as them have something like 35,000 of them so it is an overwhelming task with no way to filter just what is popular or useful.

We were told that this Planet PTC forum would introduce some sort of way of getting people to participate in (effectively to vote on) which ideas were most valuable in terms of getting them into future builds or releases. I have not seen anything on this site about this yet so I am going to post some enhancements I thought about early this year (when I was looking at WF5 for introduction) and hope that it prompts some useful discussion and maybe feedback from PTC on how this process is going to run.

Regards, Brent Drysdale.



Yes, "Where to from here?" is the question. There was a time when PTC committed itself more explicitly to incorporating the top suggestions from focussed users groups (Modeling, Drawing, Manufacturing, etc.), and I heard the same suggestion in Orlando that a refreshed avenue would be created in PlanetPTC. I don't see it yet, maybe not created, maybe we users have to do it ourselves. It will need to be organized with categories and priorities, however, or it will be just as unwieldy as the current situation. A bunch of scattered discussion threads won't cut it.

I don't mean the last comment as a criticism of the few suggestions you have offered. I understand that you don't know where else to go with them at this point. In fact, compliments on making your suggestions clear and concise with a good pdf illustration for each. Frankly, a couple of them seem to me to be of a "minor" character, but that is not a criticism, per se; such subtle enhancements can be very helpful in the overall user experience. I thought your shaded menu was a good example of that.

It would be nice to hear more from PTC about what they may have in mind. (Like most users who have been around awhile, I have a long list of suggestions, too.)


Hi David,

Thanks for your comments.

Yes you are right that some of the things I think of as enhancements are "minor" that is precisely why I think some could be easily done as they fix long standing annoyances.

I have a couple more to post but something weird seemed to happen on our Friday afternoon in that I could no longer log on or see the posts I had made. Even today I have been able to reply by using the link in the e-mail that came with your posting but I still cannot see the postings for yesterday.

Ah well the comments will keep. I figure I will just make a new Powerpoint/PDF each time I come across something that seems poor or counter intuitive.

Regards, Brent

Keep it up! I think the one-page pdf's are a nice, compact, and clear summary for each idea.


I am the Product Manager who presented PTC's vision for a new enhancement request process at PTC/USER in Orlando this year. You are correct in stating that this mechanism is not yet in place but please be reassured that this is still an active and ongoing effort. Upper management realizes that the enhancement request queue is a perennial problem that PTC needs to address and is committed to dedicating resources to finding the correct solution. To that point, we want to be sure that the mechanism we put in place will be a success and therefore are cautiously taking a thorough look at the available tools as I write this response.

If you have any further questions, please let me know. I will likely present an update in the coming months to inform the user community of our progress.


Rosemary Astheimer

Product Manager

Data Exchange, ModelCHECK, Distributed Pro/BATCH

I guess that would explain why in the 13+ years I've been submitting them I've never gotten any feedback and they've never incorporated them. Niiiiice.........

I was asked by my local PTC Rep to put together a wish list for Project Lightning. I was thinking of making a thread on here. Then, I found this thread so I am debating if I should put it in here or start a new one specifically titled with rules set for entries (like: no mention of names of other CAD tools).

I think I will create the thread. PTC probably will not have the new enhancement request forum up and running soon enough to get the ideas into Lightning. And then we can have everything compacted into one thread instead of a huge number of individual ideas floating around.

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