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File name in upper case


File name in upper case


How to save a file with its name in upper case letters?

Whenever we try to open a new file and name it with upper-case letters and if I save, its getting saved in lower case.

Any idea about how to do this?



24-Ruby II


this functionality is not implemented.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

Some things in Pro/Creo just make me want to bang my head on my desk.

Uppercase has been the drafting standard for EONS. And a program that doesn't support uppercase filenames just boggles me.


My boss always wants to stomp me into the ground cause of all the letters in filenames from Creo being lowercase.


I bet. It's ridiculous.


This problem is like unexplainable to people like my boss. I keep telling him I don't get it either.

Tbh I think this problem is actually meaningless at this moment already.

You know what would be ridiculous? If PTC solved this problem and also the problem with length of filenames and then came out with these as improvements.

"Oh look we have improved filenaming conventions. How cool is that?"

Everyone would be like: "How is that an improvement?"

Cause these should have been solved in last century. Not at this time.

Just thinking about trying to solve these now sounds too ridiculous.

This time PTC should only crawl under a stone.


You're right. It wouldn't be an "improvement".

It would be PTC FINALLY catching up to the "conventions" that ALL the other 3D softwares have in place. It never ceases to amaze me how bassackwards some things in Pro are, when it has such power in others.

It shouldn't matter if it's ported from UNIX or not. When you port to Windows, you have to take some ownership & responsibility of complying with THEIR conventions that are already in place, and accustomed to by billions in the world.

It just leaves me shaking my head, and in total astonishment.


Yeap, can't explain this one to someone with little to no PC skills. Not even to new PC users.

Some things became too common over the last decade. So common that they are part of common sense now.

I actually wish for this one to be the only thing where Proe lacks common sense. Too bad there is more of those which are more important.


Please vote for this idea to have PTC consider changing this.

I kinda of feel like "meh". But I'll vote it up anyway.

haha, Brian

You know the more I look at this idea. I have to say this stuff with filenaming kind of derails all the cool features of Creo.

So the change is inevitable...

Just because if this change happens anyone out there using Creo will get used to it immediately.

It just seems like such a non-issue. I don't know that a boss has ever been angry with me because my filenames didn't have spaces or capital letters. As far as I'm concerned, capital letters in filenames is a throwback to 1990 when everything was uppercase. And as for spaces... ugh... I find them sort of lazy and annoying. I don't like my files named: "My notes from Fridays meeting.docx". I like them "meeting_notes_062412.docx"

I must be getting old. Soon I'll be standing on my porch yelling at all the kids to get off my lawn!

Hi Brian,

I tend to agree with you - and most of our filenames end up being in the format 67123.prt anyway, so the case is a non-issue. This (in theory) is why you have the option to vote an idea down, although I'd encourage people who do so to add a comment explaining why.

Mind you, I'd call my Word doc "meeting_notes_120624.docx" - then it would sort correctly with "meeting_notes_111016" and "meeting_notes_120518". YYMMDD - it's the way forward.

Hang on - why are you holding meetings on a Sunday anyway?

Yeah YYMMDD always confuses me. I should train myself to use it though... I always fight with the sorting!

And, we were meeting on Sunday to discuss a top secret mission where Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and the dude from the Green Mile have to travel to an asteroid in a desperate bid to save the planet. But don't tell anyone I let the cat out of the bag! Shhh... mum's the word.

Brian, it is not that you agree with it or not I for one want the ability to. You, your boss don't care, that is great for you and your boss. Some of us like it and want the ability, for what this P.O.S. software costs I should be able to think it and it changes.

Just because software is expensive to develop, support, and deploy doesn't mean it should also be able to make you a ham sandwich when you're hungry. Some requests are unreasonable. For the record, I don't think having uppercase letters or spaces is unreasonable so I voted for it. But some of the complaining people do about the software is truly not warranted.

Therefore, I have to respectfully disagree with your assertion that Creo is a POS. Nor do I agree that it should be able to read your mind and cater to whatever whim strikes you this week.

As a professional engineer, I like what Creo offers. You're certainly entitled to disagree. Perhaps you might tell us what you don't like about the software, and those of us on the technical committees will bring it to the developers' attention.

I could find a chef that would charge me less to make a ham sandwich than a seat of Creo!

Just kidding......adding a little levity!

5-Regular Member

I'd actually encourage people not to vote for this. I'd much rather PTC spend their development time implementing something useful, or fixing an actual problem.

On the other hand, Pro/E being able to convert spaces to underscores on the fly (both ways) would be useful and could be implemented with very little time investment. This I would vote for.

Hi David...

I actually agree with you. In my original post on this topic, I made a similar point but later cut it. If there's a LIMITED amount of time and resources devoted to new ideas, then some ideas shouldn't make the cut. I view the uppercase/spaces issue as small potatoes when viewed next to significant enhancements requested in other areas.

But we have no way to characterize an idea right now. All ideas are submitted and given equal weight. Maybe this is okay, too. I'd suggest that these ideas filter up to the Technical Committees where they can be debated, investigated, and ultimately cataloged and ranked. We need to capture all ideas somehow... and then filter, sort, and prioritize them.

I think we're still trying to figure out how this entire "Idea Submittal" process works. I'm sure it'll shake out as we move forward.


I've been on a two days conference last week that has been held by my VAR here in Czech republic. Actually they call themselves MSP, not VAR, but whatever that means doesn't matter now.

There on the conference were two PTC representatives and one that had a speech talked about the place here on planetPTC community for submitting ideas. He talked so briefly about the idea submission process and where to go for it so noone there in the conference hall could even really get what is he talking about. Cause none of these people ever go here on planetPTC community but you know... I was really surprised at that moment.

I am not aware that one presentation would just start a huge influx of people comming here all of the sudden even though that would be awesome.

The thing it could mean is that PTC may follow some of these ideas and make an attempt to implement them in future release of Creo.

Now lets say that may happen and I think like 70% of the ideas already submitted for Creo Parametric are really great and I wish for them to already be there. But do I think they will implement 70% of all these ideas? No, I don't.

I think the same way as you do. I think they should choose the best and most usefull ideas to be the new addtions to Creo while I don't think they will follow so many of these ideas.

Maybe they will follow 20% of all these ideas, maybe 10% or maybe just 5% or even less cause some of these ideas are way out of concern.

Ok i am not gonna talk here about anyones and even PTC's concern in particular. By supporting the idea above I am simply attempting to raise the overall percentage of ideas to be brought up by PTC and to be implemented after all.

To be honest If this was the only idea implemented to Creo 3.0 from all of those that are already submitted. It would mean raise of ideas taken by PTC from 0% to lets say 0,5% and that alone would surprise me again.

As I absolutely think that the more ideas will manage it to pour in the better, I would not be surprised if none of those ideas already submitted didn't make it to Creo 3.0 after all or even if the percentage stayed to 0 because that's how I thought it would end till the last week when I saw that PTC person on the conference seriously talking about these ideas.

So I am all for any idea to go through and make it to Creo 3 or 4 even the one that may in general look as a non-issue, as long as the overall percentage of ideas that will make it raise. Submit yours and choose to vote for others ideas with open mind.




My thought was this:

There are many good ideas in the idea section. And some of them make take a miniscule amount of effort to complete; say, as easy as flipping a switch.

I would like to see small,easy-to-fix items added - especially items that currently do not follow the conventions of 3D modeling & drafting. Drafting has always been uppercase. All places I've worked require uppercase names for Engineering files. PTC cannot comply.

It seems like this is so simple and so basic it shouldn't have to be something we have to request.

I agree that some of these "simple" ideas may be as easy as flipping a switch. So, for that reason alone, we should send up those ideas. Maybe we can get some of the simple ones knocked out without even batting an eyelash.

My experience with uppercase is different. I've worked for about a dozen engineering companies and I've never seen or heard a standard that says you need uppercase for engineering files. In my experience, when I saw uppercase names, it was because cruddy 2D CAD systems couldn't handle anything else. But if adding support for case sensitive names is easy, I say let's add it. If it's not easy and requires a massive re-coding... then skip it!

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