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Help me


Help me


i am new here. i am using this soft just in a month ago. i need some help .

1)how i save a model in package and stl format

2)here any option for ,see my model in automatic rotation





1) "File" --> "Save-as" --> "Type" --> "Shrinkrap" or "STL" (options on shrinkrap for package include Master Merge --> STL

2) By default pro/e does not save animation of parts to rotate in a web page. To animate rotation you have a couple of options.

a) If you have design animation you can use "Application" "Animation" and rotate part to create a movie.

b) Option 2 is create your own pictures with "File" :"Save-as" :"*.jpg" - Multimple ones required to make your own animation.

c) If you own product view it's easy to create animation.

A couple of examples can be found on PTC help page.


Paul Lalinde

P.S. Welcome to world of PTC.

i got an error message while saving my model in stl format.

that is(you must specify atleast one part or assembly Error414)

what i do??

Which version of Pro/ENGINEER are you using?

P.S. Can you attach a 3D-model, which is saved in the format of STL?

Also, a forum on Creo (including Creo / Elements Pro) is available here:

Hello karthi keyan,

I moved your discussion into the Creo community. This wil be a better audience for you to receive a response to your question

Thank you,



plz help i save my model in stl format???

Ya ..No prob guys.. i find out how to save model in stl format's very easy...

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