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Human Hand Models


Human Hand Models

Sorry, I know this question has been asked before, but I thought I would
never need a model of human hands. I can't search the archives because
it still doesn't work for me. The latest I can search to is March 2004,
(this was supposed to be fixed on the exploder but still hasn't).
Anyway I need models of a right and left human hand. Does anyone have
any models they could share or links you can point me to for downloads?
I would need to close the right hand like it was gripping a baseball
bat, but the left hand can be flat. TIA for your help.
Wayne Houck


No hand help, but the archive search is split in 2 different places. What
you are finding is the old stuff, obviously.

The new stuff is on the lyris site. Go to
<http:" phoenix=" auth.phx?cmd="login&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fmemb&lt;br"/>> and log
in. This is the "are you a member link" close to the top right-hand corner
of the exploder page (

Once you log-in, you can select the list you want to search and then you can
pick the search tab.

Good luck


I believe George Costanza can get you a hand model...

If it doesn't work after all that, then it's probably because your
company's IT department blocks port 82.

Best Regards,
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