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Interesting info on


Interesting info on has sent you this link from


Great timing as I need to need to check into updating our WF3 builds.

I like the simple, one page implementation, but typical of PTC, the new tool is actually less useful than the old:

*     No totals reported as in the old tool (XX new issues, YY resolved issues, ZZ total known issues)
*     All or one search.  You can search for issues on all Pro|E modules or shut one.  You cannot select a group of modules
*     No reporting of the severity of the issue.  In the old tool, you could sort by the issue severity which was helpful.
*     No way to sort the columns.
*     The 'Reported' issues are really just the 'new issues' (read the help tab) that have cropped up between the old and new builds.  What would be nice to be able to see is ALL the known issues in the targeted build, not just the new ones.
*     A nice enhancement would be to be able to see the release dates on the builds.   If you look at WF3, the newest 4 builds listed aren't even available yet.

Quite a disappointment to wait months for a 'new and improved' tool only to find it's not only not improved, it's worse.  Not surprising though.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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