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Line on line in sketcher


Line on line in sketcher


I'm using WF 2.0 in sketcher mode and have an extensive sketch which I
believe has a line on line in there somewhere. Is there a quick way to
discover where it is without deleting and undoing every line in the
sketcher? I remember this being asked before but I can't remember if the
answer was ever posted. If it was, then please accept my apologies.



It seems that unfortunately there is no QUICK way to determine line on
line in sketcher until WF4.0. I was attempting to sketch a design
similar to a trellis fence where all the edges were at different lengths
so I couldn't use pattern. The sketch got clumsy and difficult to work
with and as it wouldn't extrude I resorted to different ideas using my
old pal published geometry which allowed me to complete the design.
Thanks for all the input, guys - I don't know what's happened to the
girls, they must all be on Doug's web resource!

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