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List Digest, Sep 29, 2014


List Digest, Sep 29, 2014


As a PTC customer who has been one of the faithful since 1988, I could not agree more with what you have said about PTC’s move to kill the PTCUser Exploder.

We are too busy to visit your “shiny new website”. We’re too busy trying to compete in this world, and efforts to “control the message” by killing the main channel of debate and dissent will not serve PTC’s purposes.

Terry’s message is so important that I feel that it’s appropriate and necessary to reemphasize the key points of his posting.

“If you kill without providing an adequate alternative (read "email notification for ALL posts") then you deserve what you will get - more bitter cynical users that question your every move and refuse to trust the most transparent motives.

Sound familiar? It's the very thing you've been trying to patch over ever since the heyday of the 80's and 90's when you built a solid reputation for screwing your own customers. Good times...

Seriously - where else are you going to find knowledgeable global experts willing to share their in-depth understanding of your products... FOR FREE!! No company can afford to offer that kind of support. And trust me - these people do not have the time to visit your shiny new website multiple times a day to see if anything worthwhile appears. Not gonna happen.”

This move can only end badly for PTC.

Barry Schaeffer
ProE Administrator
Everett, WA


I completely agree. The exploder has been my first, best choice for 20 years. It’s fast, easy and efficient.
I hardly ever go to the PTC user web portal. Way too inconvenient and SLOOOOOOOOW !


Bob Schwerdlin
Sr. Design Engineer,
Dukane Corp.
2900 Dukane Dr.
St. Charles, IL 60174 USA
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