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List of Pro/e users across world


List of Pro/e users across world

Can any body Please provide List of Pro/E Users ( Customers) Across world.




You might need to start a list yourself...I don't think anyone has taken
the time to compile a world-wide list, but please put me down on your
list - I am a Pro-E user. 😉



Here is a good cross section of name and industries


I have found this site useful in the US.


You can start by going to:

Michael R. Jenkins P.E.
Design Engineer
Direct: 816-801-2332
Fax: 816-891-9432

Commercial Vehicle Systems
Haldex Brake Products Corporation
10930 North Pomona Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64153-1215


I think that we should ask why before sending any information.

Curtis Odom

Engineering CAD Manager


19701 Da Vinci

Lake Forest, CA 92610

You will need to compile that list yourself.
PTC will NOT give out there customer list as that is proprietary
information to them.
Why do you want the list? I get enough spam as it is!

Search around the Internet, I used to have a link to Yahoo group page
that list companies in all states that used UG, Pro/E or CATIA.

Ben Loosli
Sr IS Technologist
Engineering Automation Systems
L-3 Communications/Integrated Systems
Waco, TX 76715


A list of Pro/E users around the world? Isn't that what this exploder


So you want to be added to the list?


Now you have two names on your list!

You don't have far to go now!

Bob Frindt
Sr. Designer
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Parker Aerospace
Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division
9200 Tyler Boulevard
Mentor, OH 44060 USA
direct (440) 954-8159
cell: (216) 990-8711
fax: (440) 954-8111

"Freund, Nicholas S." <->
11/06/2008 10:53 AM
Please respond to
"Freund, Nicholas S." <->

Tim Giauque <->, -

[proecad] - RE: List of Pro/e users across world

So you want to be added to the list?

Now you have two names on your list!


I would be interested in this also. You "may" want to contact your PTC rep for that. Sometimes they will provide this, sometimes they will not.

Michael P. Locascio

I get these emails frequently as well and it is always from people or companies in India/China looking for lists that they can tap to offer cheap offshore labor and they dont want to do the actual work of business development. Just looking for the easy way if someone has already done that work for them and is willing to give it up. Satyam is a CAD mill out of India/globally with hundreds of design or engineering staff cranking out CAD models and drawings at a certain level of quality. Corporations continue to use resources like this because they can tap cheap labor rates and that is the only reason. Management thinks that they are saving money just like they believe that manufacturing in china is the beat all end all for cost savings but they never factor in the true overall cost and problems of doing business in these regions nor the true cost of what they have to rework/redo. I get calls regularly from companies that have us fix or redo work that is coming back from their resources in these areas which is good for us but only costs the companies in lost time and additional money so we help where we can.

Disclaimer: Just my $0.02/perceptions and not intended to raise the hackles of those who might disagree.

I agree with Bruce.
List held by any legal entity is for its own purposes and should not be
shared around. Privacy, ethics ...
Even if a person/company had valid reasons to seek the list, it should
be not be given out without getting explicit permission from all those
in the list - which is fairly big job anyway!.
As others have said, there is good amount of knowledge already in public
domain for a person to create the list on his/her own.
I am sure PTC/User will not provide such a list. Also the use of the
exploder group email is governed by some rules, so that
individuals/companies do not exploit it - which I am sure all
subscribers know.
My 2 Aussie cents (which is very low and falling!!) worth of comment...

Amen Brother!!!




I know back when I worked at John Deere we had to send 40% of our work to India! When we got it back I'd 90% of the time we had to redo it because the drawings or models were wrong. the company would of saved quite abit of money if they just left the drawing here and had us do them. just my 2cents worth.

In Reply to Michael Locascio:

I would be interested in this also. You "may" want to contact your PTC rep for that. Sometimes they will provide this, sometimes they will not.

Michael P. Locascio

I think that the outsourcing to India/Asia is going to be short-lived
for the following reason:

As the CAD system creates a 'digital definition' of the product without
the need for a drawing, the Engineers / Analysts will create a more
complete part / assembly from the start. Even with the Internet and
Collaboration, having to be a work late into the night (on the East
Coast) in order to discuss Modeling / Engineering issues over the phone
with the Philippines or India / Asia just won't make sense.

Companies are not willing to give up their 'IP' and will not tell their
outsourcing 'partners' enough information to design the parts themselves
without assistance.

I personally do not give anyone my Pro-E native files for this reason.
I always exchange STEP files with my sources. Once someone figures out
how to put geo tolerances, surface finishes, etc... into the STEP files,
what else does your supplier need?

Christopher Gosnell

FPD Company
124 Hidden Valley Road
McMurray, PA 15317
PH: 724.941.5540
FX: 724.941.8322


Is that a YES! To:

Trying to pull company info so you can cold call to work from companies?

That you are a CAD mill with cheap, unqualified labor?

That many of your clients have to re-work that work you do for them?

That the companies that do use your service will end up spending more money
in the long run than they would have if they didn't outsource?

Knowing from experience, dealing with the work YOUR company did while
working with a client, the projects were late, had to be redrawn several
times, and changes were made to the models based on a thought that someone
in India had. I have also seen with other clients how Intellectual Data had
been kept in India and forwarded on to manufacturers in Asia where the
collaboration to develop the product toke the engineer in the USA out of the
equation resulting in receiving a product that we didn't order. Products
that wouldn't past testing, and if they did, wouldn't survive long in the
field or with the consumers that purchased the product.

So I guess the "YES!" is correct to all questions listed above. Hopefully
more companies will realize this before outsourcing to your "Cheap" labor.

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