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Locations of .UI Files in Creo 1.0

21-Topaz II

Locations of .UI Files in Creo 1.0

A lightbulb just went off for me ion the use of the PTC_WF_ROOT
variable. Do I understand you right that setting PTC_WF_ROOT will make
Pro/E store the stuff they bury buy default deep in the windows user
profile folders to a folder of my choosing? That would be the favorites
in WF4 & WF5 and now the creo_parametric_customization.ui file in Creo
1.0+. If so, can I set it to a network path? That would solve my
issues with Creo and .ui files.

Oh, and setting 'load_ui_customization_run_dir yes' will force Creo 1.0
to load & store the creo_parametric_customization.ui file from the
working directory.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

You might also look at the %appdata% variable. It's in both Windows 7
and XP and I'm using it to capture the path where PTC puts the .ui file.

This is a good one because on Win7 it sets:

and on Win XP it sets:
appdata=C:\Documents and settings\sessions\Application Data

so the path in my script for the .ui folder is the same in both cases
(appended to the %appdata% variable):
set user_start=%appdata%\PTC\ProENGINEER\Wildfire\.wf\.Settings

Is this based on network settings? Per site, like based on Active
Directory in use or not?

This is NOT where ours are located. I actually do NOT know for sure where
ours are located, but I think that they are in:

C:\users\%username%\Application Data\ (and I can't see anything below this
directory because of permissions)

However, the .ui files ARE getting saved somewhere on C, I just don't
quite know for sure where.

I think you need to do this. Go to Control Panel, Folder Options (I have my control panel set to View by: Small icons.)

On the View Tab, pick Show hidden files, folders, and drives. I doubt your admins have restricted this. If they have you live in a real Police State.


David Haigh


Thanks for the tip, but mine is already set up to show hidden files,
folders and drives, and yes, our IS department does have it controlled to
that level, I'm pretty sure.

I forgot to add this.

The funny this is that I AM able to write to that directory, or at least
Creo is, when I make changes to my .ui file. That could be, though,
because Creo was installed as admin, and since it was installed as admin,
it can write to that dir.

Heck, I'm even part of the Administrators group currently (normally I'm
NOT, but had to be added to do some stuff with batch files for some
testing that we were doing), and I still can't get to the .settings dir!

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