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Looking for a implementation project plan for rolling out WF5


Looking for a implementation project plan for rolling out WF5

We are getting ready to upgrade from WF3 to WF5 and need to put together a project plan. If anyone has one we could start from that would be great. It does not need to be specific to WF3 to WF5, but just cover at a high level what needs to be looked at for doing such a project.


Wayne Beck

CAD/Windchill Analyst

Because we care,

Midmark Corporation - Versailles, Ohio 45380


Phone: 937.526.8532


Hi Wayne,

I can tell you briefly how our recent change from wf3 to wf5 went. Our change included Intralink 8 to Intralink 9 on new servers.


We had an external PTC support company here in Belgium, Savaco, taking care of the data migration.

Internal IT support: 2 person (1 in Belgium, 1 from China)

Internal power users: 3 persons (2 in Belgium, 1 from China)

Internal project leader: 1 person

We shifted to new server hardware, master server in Belgium, replica in China

WF5 clients installed on 32bit and 64bit xp and on 32bit Win7

note: I will keep the info towards the migration in Belgium(master vault) because this is the part I was involved with

First step:

Assign internal project leader

Assign internal power user(s) for testing and feedback

Assign IT responsible(s)

Make general planning including update training for the users

> The trainings were planned close to the GO-Live date so everything would be fresh in memory

> What we learned: 0,5 day Intralink update training > 1 day would be better

1,5 to 2 days WF3 to WF5 update training: extra attention to drawing mode (big changes there)

1 day admin update training for IT and power users

Second step

Copy made of server setup(master only) and analised for issues by Savaco

Third step

Setup new server and do a rehearsal migration

Install a test client station with WF5 and have a power user(s) test the whole new setup

> check working customised mapkeys and menus

TIP: we had an automated setup( with trail file use) made so client installations go quick and easy

Fourth step

Cleanup new server and do second rehearsal migration including lessons learnt from first one

Have the power user(s) retest

Fifth step

Prepare all user client stations

> in our case WF5 was installed next to WF3 so users could continue the daily work

Sixth step

All users check in all work and cleanup cache

Seventh step


> started thursday evening, ended friday evening including check by Savaco

> saturday: power user check and test + update customised mapkeys and menu setup

> monday: GO LIVE (last week)

Current state:

Collecting small issue, remarks and enhancement requests from users to fix and improve setup

In general a good and smooth upgrade.

Good luck,


D&M Premium Sound Solutions



do regular update and status meetings... our plan was adapted several times during the process.. have room for this in the initial planning

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