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Making two holes at a time


Making two holes at a time

I want to keep two holes at a time.Is it possible in pro-e?


Accepted Solutions



its k but is it possible with hole feature?


23-Emerald III

Or 1 hole with feature and pattern.

I have come to like using sketches with datum points to locate hole "patterns".

When you create a hole associated to a point from a sketch which has a pattern of points, it is -very- easy to make the pattern based on "points". I have only done this for patterns on a flat plane so far, but it makes managing holes in patterns much easier since all I have to do is manipulate the point-sketch.

If the pattern is regular in a radial pattern, I will of course opt for the axis pattern, but all too often I have a clocked location at an odd angle and then the points work great. However, that circle-axis thing for drawings is always in the back of my mind when needing to specify a bolt circle diameter (BCD).

lol easy and straightforward answer for this longstanding question

I wish to be able to toss a bunch of holes with say point pattern, and then use unpattern so all the holes become independent features

or use paste special with adv ref selection that would allow to create multiple copies at once

...just trolling here

Oh, that would be cheating

23-Emerald IV

You can unpattern to get individual features, but only in two specific cases. From the documentation:

"You can unpattern the pattern of a group or the pattern of a pattern only if the pattern is either a dimension pattern or a table pattern"


Pattern of a pattern of a pattern?

Feels like being trolled by the help files

Pshaw, I can make 5 different holes in one feature.......on 5 different planes (or more).....without using a pattern!


I've used that trick once or twice in my life

Figured! It gets weird when the cut intersects itself and tries to remove material, which is why I made it hollow.

Sweet. Anyone knows if Sweep Cut is still available in Creo 2.0?

22-Sapphire I

Antonius would know, I'm stuck on creo elements/pro 5.0 (whatever the h3ll that is). I really hate that they've gotten so weird with the naming that you never know what you have. There was nothing wrong with "Pro/ENGINEER V20" and a logical progression from there to "V21".

There is always a reason, but yeah, this name change is kinda retarded.

Yep, it si just a sweep with -remove material-.

Thanks. Tom.

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