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Mapkey to open a selected model?


Mapkey to open a selected model?


Does anyone have a mapkey that opens a model that has been selected on the screen? I'm using Creo2 and I can't seem to make a mapkey for this that works.

When I pick a model it's a pain to have to right-click and then mouse to the "Open" command.


Mike Foster
23-Emerald IV

Creo 2
mapkey $F4 ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `OpenModel`;

Creo 3
mapkey $F4 ~ Command `ProCmdOpenModel@PopupMenuGraphicWinStack`;

Feel free to change to a different key.

Tom U.

Really? This is "a pain"? Right clicking and slide about a ¼" down to select "open" is a pain?
LOL....My, how spoiled (AKA lazy) we CAD monkeys have become.
Not slamming here....just smiling and musing.....

Regards, SMS

Steve Shannon
Tooling Engineer
300 East 48th St.
Holland, MI 49423
phone (616) 820-2427
fax (616) 820-2488
23-Emerald II

Sometimes we become too dependent on mapkeys and other shortcuts and fail to learn how to use the program in its native, natural command state.

I have always felt that unless it was a large complex operation that is required for one or more executions a day, that the operator should learn the keystrokes or create their own mapkey after they have learned it. I have 30 or more inherited mapkeys that will be thrown away since they are seldom needed anymore when we move to Creo2. Since I did not write them, I have no idea where to start to build new ones to replace these. Most deal with updating older models to the Windchill parameters, but as we have been on Windchill for 6 years they see little use these days. Toss them and get a leaner file.

I have two hands - I type with two hands, I drive with two hands, I play piano with both, etc., etc... Why would anyone design a UI with a native, natural command state that has one hand tied behind my back?

The bottom line is that I get tons more work done two-handed than one-handed.

Thanks very much to Tom for the mapkey I needed.


Mike, I am with you. I too value the ability to spread out work between Left and Right hands. By working with people I have observed that people's preferences vary dramatically and depend very much on the individuals strengths and weaknesses. Some people find it slower to use their other hand, others (like myself) find it slower to find commands in a menu (especially when they are not always in the same order in the RMB menu).

I am very dependent on mapkeys for working efficiently, yet I am often the go to person at my company because I know how the software works very well. Finding a command in constantly changing menus is not equivalent with knowing the software. Knowing the software means knowing how to use, manipulate, and fix the commands, features, and bugs. Mapkeys are a part of the software; so using them uses a greater amount of the software. Mapkeys just make that happen faster while closing the gap in strengths being different than the UI design (and sometimes allow people with knowledge of it to do more than they would be able to otherwise).

In addition, this mapkey can be used in sequence with other commands to make a much more useful mapkey (such as open assembly component, apply density, add mass feature, verify FT if applicable, save, and close component...which all starts with opening).

I found that the open sequence given by Top doesn't if there is a FT as Creo uses a different command to open if generic. In order to open the model in either situation the single mapkey "e44" (or whatever you choose) can be used for both situations (which uses 2 intermediary mapkeys "openng" & "openg"):

mapkey openng @MAPKEY_NAMEOpen generic modle (%e44);@MAPKEY_LABELOpen;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `OpenModel`;

mapkey openg @MAPKEY_NAMEOpen (description);@MAPKEY_LABELOpen;\
mapkey(continued) ~ RButtonArm `main_dlg_cur` `PHTLeft.AssyTree` `node10`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ PopupOver `main_dlg_cur` `ActionMenu` 1 `PHTLeft.AssyTree`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Open `main_dlg_cur` `ActionMenu`;~ Close `main_dlg_cur` `ActionMenu`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `OpenGenModel`;~ Activate `open_instance` `open`;

mapkey e44 @MAPKEY_NAMEOpen non-FT model or generic if FT;\
mapkey(continued) %openg;~ FocusIn `UI Message Dialog` `ok`;~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `ok`;\
mapkey(continued) %openng;~ Trail `UI Desktop` `UI Desktop` `PREVIEW_POPUP_TIMER` \
mapkey(continued) `main_dlg_w2:PHTLeft.AssyTree:<null>`;~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `ok`;

This works in Creo2 but have not yet tried it in Creo3.

Lawrence Scheeler

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

Hi Mike,

Can't you just Double-Click the model name to open it? That works for me. You shouldn't have to Right-Click >> get the file to open...

5-Regular Member


I have the issue in selecting the co-ordinate system using mapkeys.. Ex. I have the co-ordinate ssytem name is ABC_DEFAULT, how can write the mapkey for selecting this one. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.



use Search tool - it enables you to find csys using its name.

Martin Hanák
5-Regular Member

Could you please explain.. how to find the search tool

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