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Mapkey using right button menu


Mapkey using right button menu

Hi all,

I'm not able to create a mapkey where I have to activate a command present in a right button menu, after selection a model.


mapkey _test ~ Timer `UI Desktop` `UI Desktop` `popupMenuRMBTimerCB`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Close `rmb_popup` `PopupMenu`;~ Command `user_popup_item_cmd`;

That command is not present in any other place on the ribbon.

Any possible solution?



What exactly are you trying to do? It's hard to tell from the mapkey commands what is going on.


I think that it is not possible to record right button menu click into a mapkey. But I am not quite sure.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

whats your objective?

It's possible to use an RMB click in a mapkey, as it has always been, but I would strongly advise not to use it.

I used to make mapkeys in WF2. In the beginning I used a lot of RMB clicks, but sometimes these mapkeys would just stop working in the middle of a session. When I reprogrammed them using the menu bar, they always worked flawless.

On Creo 2 however, I haven't made a lot of mapkeys yet, Since THEY stole our menu bar, it's gotten a lot harder to make them decent.

You probably want to make a mapkey that automates something in the dimension properties, right? I've launched the same question a while ago, but never got the answer I was hoping for...

The goal of this mapkey is start a function of a auxiliary application, not an ootb command, this is why I wrote that is present only in RMB menu.

The mapkey has to work in assembly and part environment, not in drawing.


What do you mean with an auxiliary application? Is it something like a script?

It's a externnal application created with Pro/TOOLKIT. I register it by .dat files

Are you selecting a model before calling the mapkey?

I tried the same here and the mapkey worked fine.

mapkey test ~ Timer `UI Desktop` `UI Desktop` `popupMenuRMBTimerCB`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Close `rmb_popup` `PopupMenu`;~ Command `EMX_MOD_COMP`;

Or maybe some problem in your application.

I made a short video:

Video Link : 4902

Good luck,


Hi Jose

yes, i'm able to reproduce what you have done in the video, but the problem is that after Creo restarting the mapkey doesn't work.

To make it work I have to do before a manually click with RMB and then it always works...


Hi David,

Are you saying there is no longer an issue with creating the mapkey and it is now just an issue of saving it?


No creating or saving issue, but seems related to the kind of mapkey and more precisely about RMB menu.

Hi David,

I restarted my Creo here and it works.

How do you save your mapkeys?

I do it manually, I save the mapkey to a file, then I grab the text in it and copy/paste it to my

I did the same but seems that there is something for which reason the right-click menu is activated only if before is done manually

I attach a video, I hope it can help..


Video Link : 4904

Humm, I can´t reproduce that here... It´s hard to tell.

Some suggestions:

1 - Call the command directly:

mapkey test ~ Command `user_popup_item_cmd`;

2 - Read the trail faile and the status bar, maybe you can find there the error.


I think you have to create a button for that command and then record a mapkey pressing that button.

File->Options->Customize the ribbon->Choose from Toolkit commands-> Choose your command

When recording the mapkey first select the tab where the button is and then press the button.


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