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PlanetPTC access?


PlanetPTC access?

Hi Folks,
Must be Friday afternoon for me as I am short of temper.
I find that I frequently have problems accessing the PlanetPTC site. Maybe
it is just me on the other side of the world trying to do something when PTC
folk in the USA decide that everybody else is asleep and it is a great time
for site maintenance. I notice that other international sites such as
Facebook do not seem to have this access problem very often.

I usually use Firefox with a saved password so I know it is not a typing
error and that same method has worked on other occasions.

Anyhow that it it for this topic (but other emails to come on other WF5

Regards, Brent Drysdale
Senior Mechanical Designer
Tait Radio Communications
New Zealand
DDI +64 3 358 1093

Hi Brent,

Your theory sounds plausible - I'm in the UK and haven't noticed any
problems at any stage in my working day.

You're more likely to be using the site during US evenings, whereas I
log in very early in their morning when their maintenance has probably

I do wish it would keep me logged in though, even just for one day at a
time. Other forums I read automatically log me in every time, which is
just that little bit less hassle.

I have some other gripes about PlanetPTC too, but my PM to Admin has
gone unanswered, so I doubt there's much we can do. 😞



At what time of the day do you experience this issue? Is it all the time or during a specific window? And what time zone are you in?

Dan Marotta

Community Manager


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