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Possible to get bend radius in default bend_note?


Possible to get bend radius in default bend_note?

Working with SW, it brings in bend radius by default. Is there a way to set this up in Creo Parametric 2.0?




You can make a parameter from just about anything and use them in notes.

If the part in the drawing is sheetmetal, or an assembly containing a sheetmetal part, you can pick this up as a pre-defined parameter.

Thanks Antonius

Part of the problem is that being a manual process. Really trying to setup the annotation to just display the bend radius based on the feature properties. Automation is key in my company and having to add that string each time you call out a bend note would be prone to error.

In this case, there are 8x bend notes that could get missed by a designer but maybe I'm missing something?


I know there is a lot of emphasis put on automation by many companies and PTC has strived to help in this regard with built-in quality checks.

I am an old school designer that doesn't rely on these tools but I understand the reason for it.

I also do not provide flat patterns to my shops since they know much better than I how to develop a flat pattern that meets their shop's needs.

I have not seen anything in Creo that consolidates multiple instances into a more concise callout with the exception of patterns and BOM balloons. I'm sure there is a report function that can do this with a little development. maybe hole tables could be adapted into what you are looking for. Obviously, the data is there, but how to extract it consistently (?)


Could you post a sample model with drawing?

I guess since as said "the data is there", there's got to be an automated way to show it.

Example attached.

I was able to find configs for altering the standard bend note from this thread

I was successful adding a parameter at the end of config value:


default value - &type&direction&angle *

works - &type&direction&angle &PARAMETER*

I was able to input SMT_DFLT_BEND_RADIUS, but the problem is when there are multiple bend rads or when a user deviates from bend table.

So, if there is a way to pull in the dim value of the varying radii, then this could work.

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