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Presentation Advice for inventors network?


Presentation Advice for inventors network?


This is off topic, but I am looking for advice. I have a presentation to
give at an Inventors Network tonight. I have a prototype, and of course I
can bring my laptop containing the CAD files, although I do not know if that
is necessary.

The prototype is a consumer goods / house-wares product (with provisional
patent & trademark), and I am wondering how other people have presented in
the past at similar functions. What do you think the flow or outline of the
presentation should be? Not sure if I want to spend much time of the CAD
aspect as fooling around with a laptop could be distracting to the audience.

Mostly, I am interested in an outline of the steps one should go through
when presenting a product to the audience at an Inventors Network.



They are interested in what it will do for them. Concentrate on the
aspects of the product that they are interested in knowing about. If it
helps you, they don't care. If it helps them, they're interested. Keep
that in mind.

Ken Sauter
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If it is 3D modeling pick up the freeware version of eDrawings and generate a eDrawing of the part or assembly. Whatever views are in the CAD app will be available in eDrawings. You also will have a play button that will cycle through the views to show off the model. You can start it and leave it running with your hands off. If I remember correctly you will have to turn on checkmark in one of the drop-down menu for it to loop.

Hope you find that helpful,

Or for that matter create a 3D PDF (WF4).

Tim McLellan
Mobius Innovation and Development, Inc.
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