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Pro/ENGINEER Fun Stuff


Pro/ENGINEER Fun Stuff

I have been talking to a user today who has shown me a bunch of Lego models he created in Pro/ENGINEER for practicing while at university. I have seen many Lego items recently, not only here in PlanetPTC Community, but also other fun stuff, like the Buzz Lightyear model.

So my question for today is: do you use Pro/ENGINEER in your spare time to create fun stuff? Or maybe the job that pays your rent IS fun?

What is the coolest item you have ever designed with Pro/ENGINEER?

Let us know! Can't wait to see your models 🙂



Hi Bettina,

what a coincidence :).

Just today I created a group for the "fun-stuff".

The group is called "Alfred's scale world".

I would be happy, if you could join the group and share your stuff.

Maybe you could bring buzz Lightyear with you (awesome model) .

Best regards


Good idea! Just joined your group, Alfred - thanks for the invitation.

However, I am "just" a marketer - though I have acquired a certain knowledge of Pro/ENGINEER over time, I have no education in mechanical engineering. So I rather collect the stuff from others and give it visibility than create my own 😉

I can't be the only person who has used PROE to prepare for DIY projects around the house. Anybody else model up their own house?


Nope Matt, you're not the only one.

I've modeled pieces of my house for projects, and then tons of other stuff like Jeep parts, book shelves, tables, garden layouts and other goofy stuff. Usually I'll get them done enough just to get through the difficult portions and then get to work. I'll have to clean up some to put up here.

Hi Joshua

sounds to me you're doing just the things that waould fit perfect in my group.

Please join my group and show us more of what you described.

Best regards


I'm building up a CAD model of my house - it's coming in very useful as we slowly fix it up!

Unfortunately I can't afford my own licence of Pro/E, and I can't really spend time on that at work; so I'm using Sketchup instead...

Hi Jonathan,

I am sure the things you do in Sketchup are as well worth to be shown to us.

If you like, please join my group and show us a bit of your fun-stuff.

Thanks in advance


I've used the Pro/Homeowners & Pro/Landscape modules many times! From designing and building a deck to finishing a basement (lots of Pro/Cabling work for the circuits). I'm just now putting the finishing touches on a sprinkler design for my back yard, complete with repeat regions with relations and summations to tell me how much pipe I need, how many of each fitting, etc.

I usually use these projects to try out new Pro/E releases. I'm using WF4 at work, but doing my sprinkler layout with WF5 to get used to some of its features before I roll it out for our users.


Wow! And I thought I geeked out on Pro/E! Kudos to you Dan! It sounds like you are pushing Pro/E to the limits by making it do some really unexpected stuff!

Hi Dan,

it would be interesting to see some of your projects.

Sounds like we could learn a lot about piping from you

if you like, please join my group and share a bit what you have done.

Thanks in advance


Bart Brejcha and I built a Lego Racer for a Pro/E class I had Design-Engine run for us. The project was to create geometry with out specific dimensions. Just to figure out how to create parts. After the class Bart and I resized/recreated the design, until we left the model in a restaurant.

Here are some pictures:



I would upload the model except the zip file is 54MB and the limit is 50MB.

Maybe I will try after I post this message.

I added it as two zip files. The file has the main assembly in it. MudHopper2 has some of the part files.

Great racer Paul. I love it .

I would be happy if you could join my group "Alfred's scale World" ( ) and share a bit more of your fun stuff with us.


Best regards


Alfred, nothing against you or your name, but I just don't want to join a group that is named to be specifically one persons group.

I will probably check in once in a while, but thats all. Sorry. (If you change the name then I would probably join ).


As you like Paul.

it is an open group, you can also contribute your stuff without being a member.

Best regards



Actually, I think Paul has a good point. There may be an issue that's similar to administrative challenges in creating company processes and procedures. If your intent is to create a living document/procedure/process/group, you really wouldn't want to tie it down to specific individuals. In the interest of longevity, it is perhaps more strategic to make something more generic or at least not associated to an individual. I think you've hit on a great idea for a group Alfred and I think Paul makes a great point as well.

To be honest, I understand the issue a lot better now, after your explanation Joshua. Thanks for that.

In Paul's case, I thought it is much more his personal thing (which it still might be), but I agree, a non personal Group name is of course more open and maybe less misleading.

Thank you both, Paul and Joshua, for your inputs.

I take the oportunity and just open a new Group, giving it the name of this thread (if nobody elsed did already ).

So all of you feel free to joins as well, or move or stay where you are.

to follow my original intend, I will continue to fill "my" group with my own scale models and maybe there are more people out there, who do the same. One of them I foound already :).

You are of course all welcome to coment on my creations and contribute there if you like.

Best regards


Joshua did explain it better than me. I did not want you to create a new group. You could have just changed the name of the original group.

Sorry if I offended you. That was not my intent. You have some nice models.

Don't worry Paul, you did not offend me.

I had to create a new group, becasue even when the name changes, the URL still stays the old. In that case, it would still be "Alfred's..." group.

Thanks for your compliment about my models. Feel free to coment .

Best regards


5-Regular Member


nice thread

because there are already some LEGO pictures I don´t show my models of a LEGO race car, LEGO motorcycle or the LEGO monster truck. In fact we use these models from time to time in training workshops when the participants should focus on the assembly structure or the data management and not on the part geometry

But it might be interesting that since 10 years I create Pro/E models mostly on the weekends for my hobby of scaled ship models. My current favourite scale is 1:40 and I design the ships in Pro/E using fotos e.g. from the shipyards. When finished the 3D design the drawings are created and least the ship for beeing remote controlled on the lake.

Example 1: SWATH (Small Waterlplane Area Twin Hull). Pro/E model and scaled boat created in 2008-2009
- ca. 140 parts and 20 assemblies

- ca. 3 months for the CAD model

- ca. 15 month for the "real" scaled ship... including much more details than the CAD model of course

Example 2: German Mine Hunter Type 331B "Lindau" class. Pro/E model in scale 1:72 for plastic casting created between 2005-2008
- ca. 1400 parts and 150 assemblies

- ca. 1 year for the outer ship geometries and 2 years for the inner geometries like rooms, engines, pipes, ...

My current project is the transforming of the Type 331B Pro/E model from 1:72 casting to 1:40 using plywood and plastic. Of course there are some differences in the detail grade and the manufacturing to be considered.


Hi Detlef,

i just saw your post in Bettina's discussion.

I have sort of the same hobby. I do 1:35 military vehicles in ProE (But I do not build them afterwards for remote control ).

Please join my group and let us see more of your beautiful models.

Thanks in advance


This are my lego models that I drawing with Pro-E for fun.

I hope you like them.

motore_01 1754x1240.jpgveicolo_01 1754x1240.jpg

Hi Franceso,

I like it a lot. Very cool design

The axle in the next picture is great.

Best regards


Thank You Alfred.


The front wheel sospension of the previus lego car.

sospensione_anteriore_sx_01 1754x1240.jpg

We have some fun stuff on group look Mr. Pottato, Boo, Tempo, mouse and hammer tool.

More briks...


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