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ProE maintenance reseller


ProE maintenance reseller


I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue recently with
ProE maintenance. I got a quote from M.R.C.

Maintenance Reseller Corporation Authorized Reseller of PTC Maintenance
Contracts for North America
400 West Cummings Park Suite 4450
Woburn MA 01801

Are all the maintained contracts going thru them? Or is it that fact
that the $$ amount is so little(1 seat).



It is legit. I am not sure why it went thru MRC vs PTC directly. Yes I
am only doing one seat, but I work for a very large company(Siemens) and
we have corporate accounts.

Attached(if it comes thru) is a cover letter from PTC explaining MRC.


Other responses:

Oh that's just great. Every year I have to battle PTC to give me a quote equal to what we paid the year before. They continue to keep a lot of modules on the books that we don't use and have not paid maintenance on for ~ 10 years. The actual bill is about half the initial quote they automatically send each year. Now I'm going to have to fight with a collection agency who has even less understanding of the situation than PTC.
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