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Problems with PTC's Download Manager


Problems with PTC's Download Manager


Recently IT installed a new proxy server (ISA) and now I am having
problems downloading software with PTC's Download manager.

The donwload manager just gives an Error (it probably can't reach the server).
Downloading with the HTTP link isn't a problem.

We are trying to pinpoint the problem, but can't really track it down.

PTC's Knowledge base and the mailarchives couldn't help us either.

* Has anybody experienced problems with PTC's Download Manager and
was able to solve it? If so, how did you solve it?

* Does anybody know what port(s) the download manager is using?



Olaf Corten
CAD/PLM Manager, Besi Comptence Center - Other Business Applications
Fico BV, Duiven, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 26 3196215
Fax: +31 26 3196200
Mobile: +31 644548554

Hi Olaf,

I´ve opened a couple of calls a year ago to handle this issue, no luck. We are ISA here as well.PTC did not give a $hit to solve them. After a year, the call remains opened, asI was told that the Download Manager is provided by a third company and they do not know exactly how it works. I´ve asked them about the firewall implications, such as protocols, ports and such. No luck mate!

Sorry for these news.


Daniel Santos - Sr. NC Programmer / CAM Support

Liebherr Aerospace Brasil

I've had similar issues. I cannot download anything that over 2GB. In each case, the connection will time-out. I've tried PTC's download manager, IE 7 & 8, FireFox, and FlashGet. I submitted a call to PTC a few months ago, but they were unable to help.


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