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Proe Viewer


Proe Viewer

Does anyone happen to know of a good viewer for ProE files for someone who does not have Pro?
Thanks in advance.
Ronnie Jones

I like eDrawings, although you have to purchase the eDrawings plugin for Pro to save the file... Files are stand-alone though, so your client wouldn't have to purchase anything.

It's nice because you can show/hide components, make cross sections and measure. It saves your exploded views, too.

Productview Express is a free download from PTC that will open the files
inside IE.

I think you can still get a free version on the eDrawings publisher. It
watermarks the file as being published with the free version, but
functionally it's the same.

The eDrawings publisher for Pro/E has a free version that installs on your machine but won't allow the person viewing the file to make measurements or sections of the published parts or assemblies.

Actually eDrawings will view Pro/E models directly.

You are correct .. So I tried it with eDrawings 2009 SP2 (We only have SW
2008 so I believe this is the free viewer.) and I was able to open a Pro/E
file. I suspect maybe you have to have some version of SW installed too.

I do know that trying to open an assembly you must have all the parts in one
folder and the instance accelerator files for the family table parts.

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