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Rendering and Animation in Pro/ENGINEER


Rendering and Animation in Pro/ENGINEER

I don't promote violence but I thought this was a good rendering and animation example made with Pro/ENGINEER.

Anybody have other animation examples they'd like to share??

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Here's One for ya

Dynamic Equilibrium Simmulation, then Photo Rendered . . .

Video Link : 1143

Have a Great Day!

Nice Leo! I just attended a session on bringing suspensions to life using Pro/Animation at PTCUSER. Very timely


Hi Boston,

First thanks a lot for posting the animation video...

I wonder, how it has been done.

I know to do small animation videos only, here what i am seeing is very great to see with render.

Can you share the steps on how to render and create the animatiion file as like the video. It will be helpful for me...

Video Link : 1240

I have also loaded a video, which i did.


Balaji. M


In the playback dialog there is a 'Capture' button. On the Capture dialog there is a 'Photorender Frames' chck box . . .

Is that what you are looking for??

Is there a way to change the camera's position while rendering a Animation made in Mechanism? (By only using PROE and not 3rd party software)


btw, your vids are great.

Video Link : 1201

This is my latest and greatest animation yet. Unfortunatly, the rendering engine crashed on me half way through the animation. The other half was rendered with normal frames because i didn't have the patience to wait another 8 hours...

Very impressive! Did you put in all of that work just for the fun of it?

Troy Mason

Impulse Product Development

Hi Troy,

Yes, most of the stuff that do is just for fun. I had 3 days with nothing to do before College, so I made this. Its not a healthy obsession =P

thanks for the feedback!


Jacques, BTW, what is that tune ...?

This is my rendering in Pro/ENGINEER ;o)

Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy

Vladimir, quite extraordinary!

I wish all these videos lived on the main video page for everyone to easily find, rate and leave comments.


New Render pictures in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0





Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy

Nice Job...Thanks for sharing!


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