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Sweating for Pro/ENGINEER


Sweating for Pro/ENGINEER

Today, I would like to share some information with you on a little "fun project" we have running for Pro/ENGINEER this summer...

We all work hard to develop, maintain, market, sell, support and teach Pro/ENGINEER... But that’s not all we do in the name of this fantastic product! This summer, PTC staff and resellers are running in street races all over the world. The first race was just completed this Saturday (June 19) in Belgium - here are some pictures:
The team of Savaco, a PTC Reseller in Belgium, participated in the Brugge City Triathlon on June 19 - The same team is already registered for the Izegemse Triathlon on August 15 -
Meet our dedicated [Pro] ENGINEERs and, if you have the chance, come and see us in any of the upcoming races:

***Germany: July 22, Heilbronn
***USA: July 22, Weston High School... See More
***India: August 1, Pune
***Belgium: August 15, Izegemse
***Netherlands: October 10, Eindhoven

Stay tuned for updates!

Great concept and fun to be able to run with a PTC shirt 🙂

Great Idea! Keep us posted!

Thank you. I will definitely post all updates here! I am looking forward to the race I am participating in (Heilbronn, Germany), but I also can't wait to see the photos and reports from my colleagues abroad!


ASCOTA-IT GmbH, a PTC Reseller in Germany, has just registered a team of 5 for running in the Chemnitz race on September 1st:

Here comes the promised update!

The first German team ran in a race in Heilbronn (Germany) yesterday! Our mixed team included 2 colleagues from the PTC office in Sindelfingen, a reseller (NET) and me. It rained heavily, but still was a ton of fun. On the contrary, after that extensive heatwave, the running in the rain didn't feel that bad.

Enjoy the pics!

PS: The guys are now all up for it and a new team from Sindelfingen has just been lined up yesterday and registered for the Stuttgart race on September 16!


Before the race....


... and after. We made place 134 out of 582 teams.

Last but not least, here's the team from PTC Corporate Headquarters, running at the Marathon Sports 5-miler yesterday. Apparently, they had more luck with the weather. Thanks for sharing your team photo!


And here's team India!


August 1, 2010 in Pune (India)

I have uploaded all images to Flickr:

If you want to get all photo updates automatically, you can subscribe to the Flickr RSS feed:


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