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Replace in Sketcher and WF4


Replace in Sketcher and WF4


Has Edit > Replace in Sketch mode in WF4 been "fixed?"

In WF3, I select the new entity, click Replace and then select the entity to replace. Now in WF4 it seems as if I have to select the entity to be replaced first, then Replace command, and then the new entity.

Can I unfix this?


I remember that this is an enhancement in WF4. I guess enhancement is
in the eye of the beholder. 😄

The reasoning went something like this:

- Replace for dims followed this logic. Select the old, pick edit ->
replace, create new dim. So, the logic for dims was opposite from the
logic for entities.
- This logic makes more sense. You might say "Replace that old entity
with his new one." or even "Replace this with that." rather than "Take
this new entity and replace this old entity with it." or "Take that and
use it to replace this."

So, to make the replace logic consistent between dims and entities, they
chose to use the more straightforward dimension logic rather than the
more complicated or perhaps even backwards entity logic. It'll take a
bit of adjustment, but I think this is a very positive change.

That's 1 inconsistency in Pro|E fixed, several dozen to go. 😛

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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