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SUMMARY: Icon creation in Pro...


SUMMARY: Icon creation in Pro...

As usual, I made a fool out of myself but not just trying this first. I
must admit that I had never tried to actually paste something into the icon
editor in Pro, but I just figured that it would not work. I just always
assumed (and we all know where that gets one) that the copy/paste
functionality in the icon editor was just for use inside of the icon editor.
Not true!

You CAN paste things into the icon editor in Pro. I used Alt-PrintScreen to
do captures on the icons that I wanted, pasted into Paint, and then
downsized to 20 x 20 pixels, the size of the Pro icons. The results were
not all that whoopi, but it does work, and it at least gives you some place
to start. I did download a free icon editor as well, and that really didn't
help a lot, because utlimately you still have to copy and paste into Pro,
and the results were about the same as coming out of Paint. That could have
also been the icon editor that I chose as well.

Thanks to all the respondents. Here's the responses that I received:

I was going to do the same thing. There is a preview area and making your
own icon is not that overwhelming since there are enough icons already
available to copy from. You should be able to find one close to what you
are after or at least have one as a reference. You did see the copy icon
pick, right? Let me know if I can help otherwise.
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