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SUMMARY: Layer Display


SUMMARY: Layer Display

The consensus is that this is simply not possible. It was suggested that I create a mapkey that does this for me, which I suppose I can do. But on a related topic, all you PTC guys out there, I have an enhancement request for you! Please make it so that Pro/E contains an option to have the layer display status saved automatically when I save the working file.

Thanks to all those who responded.

Tim and all,

Just a reminder that enhancement requests should be (if you want them
considered anyway) submitted via PTC's enhancement request logger:


Kevin Schoonover
PTC Channel Technical Manager
Western North America

An enhancement could set a flag on sub/related components that have changed due to layer change only if that component was active (open or set active in assy) at the time the layer change took place.

Any other component that shows a layer change would not be flagged.

When -save- is done, -all- components that have been 'changed' would be listed and those that are flagged would show a little flag and those that weren't would show the flag.

Any item(s) in this list could be selected and "updated", which would remove it from the list.

This would help those users who do bulk change/save status on hundreds of parts because they don't know to select only the current model and it would give a simple chance for those who do know what they are doing to undo undesired layer changes.

I'd disagree that digging through emails is needed. Product line managers can easily keep up a list of those that seem good. It's not often there are more than a dozen messages a day.

I sometimes read the forums on other products to see what's better and what is worse. It's another way to find desireable changes.

For the future, list members can help out by using the word "enhancement" in the emails so search engines can find them. And for the Friday jump-the-gunners, we're only talking about Pro/E enhancements. Whatever you lack in your personal life, please keep it there.

Dave S.
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