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Save Option


Save Option

Why does creo create a new file with the same name when I save the model. Is there any configuration option so that the file gets updated and not created again.??

Thank you.



if you look from outside pro/e yes you would see a number of files of the same name but a different version number.

but if you open form pro/e it would always show the latest file saved

you can keep the latest files by purging your working directory.

the advantage of pro/e saving a new file with new version everytime you save ..if you want to get a previous version file..which would not be possible in other softwares.

Can you explain the process of purging the working direcctory as you mentioned?

in the "window" option you would find the "open system window" option..this will open the DOS prompt by default in the working directory.

enter "purge" in the command prompt.

press "Enter"

and all older version files will be deleted from your working direcory. (this is upto pro/e wildfire 5.0 (creo elements pro/5.0)

from creo 1.0 and above it is there in "utilities" option .

or enter "open systen window" in the command search option for (creo 1.0,2.0,3.0..)

you can also delete individual part files older versions by " file>delete>older versions"

I followed your steps, went to utilities - clicked on open system window and then entered "purge" in the command prompt but it says " purge is not recognized as internal or external command "

Ok Thank you for reply


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