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Stop sign in save a copy


Stop sign in save a copy

Why do I get stop signs beside some asm when trying to save a copy of an asm? I have a green light at the asm level, no failed features?


I saw this the other day when I had merge features. I renamed those items also and no issue.


see my answer at Save a copy, red circle with x

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák


First, you can add column with error details in "Save a Copy" dialogue, to get more info than just Red "X".

In 90% case when you have Red "X" next to component with "Reuse" status this means that this component has feature with external reference created in scope of original assembly. Keeping this component as "reused" (means exact same model) in a new copy of top assembly will make it "sick" - feature with external reference will be unable to properly regenerate in a new copied assembly.

So what Creo does here - it suggests (forces) you to create a new copy of this component, that will differ from the original only in that this feature with external reference will properly regenerate in new copy.

Type in new name - you will see "X" goes away.


- Vlad

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