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To Copy Geometry from One Model to Another.


To Copy Geometry from One Model to Another.

Does anyone really know how to copy geometry from one model to another? The instructions I have from the help files don’t work and are incredibly confusing as usual. It should be pretty simple if it’s really possible. Suppose I’m working in a file and want to retrieve the geometry in another one. From my working file, I should be able to pull up another one, select the geometry, and then paste the geometry into my original model.

I’ve seen the dialogue screens that ask for references etc, so it seems that all of the tools are in the mix, but with screens that disappear behind each other, and literary errors typical of an eighth grader in the instructions, I can’t make this work at all in Wildfire 2.

By the way, I’ve already searched this forum and for some reason, older links cause my computer to lock up. I don’t know what that’s all about, but I have already looked FYI.

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Pick the feature in the original parttree.


Window>Select part

Edit>Paste Special

Select Advanced Reference Configuration

Minimize orginal part window before each application to the target part.

Michael R. Jenkins P.E.

Design Engineer

First open a second window withthemodel that you would like to copy your feature(s) from. This needs to be a seperate window in my experience. Select Edit: Feature Operations: then select Copy. In the Copy Feature menu, select FromDifModel and then select Done. Then select your Source Model in the secondmodel window. The Second window will now activate. Choose your feature(s) from either the model window or the model tree. Select done. You will now have a scale window. Choose your scale and select done. Now you will need to choose your references. You can refer to the second window to see the highlighted references (if any, non-geometry features can also be copied this way.) When done you will have a placement window which will allow you preview or redefine your geometry. If done, select done.

I've used this to copy standard start part features to files created prior to the standards being enforced. For instance, a model analysis used to create a weight parameter can be copied. I use this when a Behavioral Modeller license can't be obtained.

Shawn Pete


have you tried..

insert>shared data>copy geometry ?

Alvaro, thanks for responding, but this doesn't work for me. Perhaps one must have other add-ons, but nothing in the selection listshows up in the choice of possibilities presented. The closest I can come in Insert/Shared Data/From File, and that doesn't work at all.

I did get an answer though, so stay tuned.

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have you tried..

insert>shared data>copy geometry ?

Have you tried?
edit - feature operations - copy - from different model

Model to copy features from must be open first

Hope this helps

Don Anderson

'fraid this doesn't work for me either, but I did learn a couple of things. There is no "Edit/Copy" on my WF2 M160. The "Edit" taskbar starts with "Paste Special" and ends with "Read Only", but there is no "Copy". I didn't realize there was a "Paste Special" until today.

I discovered the "Copy", "Paste" and "Paste Special" icons on the upper task bar. It's the one with "Undo" and "Regenerate".

I don't have any of the add-ons for Pro/E. Maybe that's it. But some of the things you wrote in your instruction do work now and again and I didn't know they were there.

Thanks for responding.



This is very close to the instructions in the Help files provided with Pro/E. To make sure I understand you, I need to rewrite the instructions you’ve written, so here goes:

From your working model, open a second window containing the model from which you would like to copy geometry. From your working model, select Edit/Feature Operations, and then select Copy. The Copy Feature dialogue box opens and you select New Refs/FromDifModel/Independent/Done.

Two little boxes will appear. They are the Menu Manager, which is set to “Copy”, and another one, named “Select/OK” which prompts you to select your desired geometry.

Move your mouse over the second window, if the cursor becomes a barred red circle, ignore the fact, and click in the second window. It will become active. The two boxes

Menu Manager and Select must be still visible.

When the geometry is all selected, click “OK” in the little box, and “Done” in the Copy Feature Box which appears. They you can sit back a smile, because nothing happens after that.

Start again if you wish.

Hi all,

what I do all the time is:
I you want to copy surfaces & curves

1) Activate the part that you want to copy features, Inside the Assembly,
click on the part on the model-tree, RMB>activate part.
2) click the quilt/surface/datum curve-chain you want (thick red line for
curves means that are selected)
3) copy & paste (not special)
4) always name the feature in order to know what is what...

If you want to copy solid features and other stuff, someone proposed, copy
features from external part.... My favorite tool 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you have Advanced Assembly Extention use copy geometry features, for all
kind of datums....



James, I do not think that foundation has the tools for shared geometry
which is the way it seemed many people were encouraging you to go. You
will have to use the copy-paste functionality to share your geometry and
you will have to manually update it, if there are changes. This is all
based on if I understand how all of the repackaging of the modules works
for Pro/E.

Hope that helps clarify,

Brian S. Lynn
Technical Coordinator, Product Engineering

There are two different things being discussed:

Copy/Paste Special can be used to duplicate features from one model to
another. It works very well, but does not leave them related. It also
cannot be used (I believe) on geometry entities, only features. I find
that creating a temp assy with the two parts side by side helps the
process. You don't need to save the assy (just make sure that you
uncheck the 'make features dependant' box).

Insert/Shared Data/Copy Geometry is used to copy individual geometry
items and leaves the two models related. You need the Advanced Assembly
Extension (AAX) to access these features.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

You should be able to use either one of the suggestions listed above. The copy and paste feature is easy to use. When you use paste special, click the advanced references button. Then you pick the references for the feature placement. You HAVE to do this to get the same feature in the new model placed the same way. If you are unsure where the references come from go to edit references on the feature you want to copy from and click no to roll back the model. It will then highlight the references one at a time in green. When you copy and paste special you will pick those same references in order. Works like a charm.

The other way listed requires you to set up a published geometry in your original part. To do that its Insert:Shared Date:Publish Geometry that brings up a window, choose surface refs and choose the surfaces you want (keep in mind it will bring it in as a surface and you must solidify it). This puts a pub geom in your model tree. In the part you want the geometry in go Insert:Shared data:copy geometry from other model. Then follow the prompts. Basically you pick the model that has the pub geom in it, pick the pub geom (you must pick it because you can have multiple pub geoms in any model) and choose where to put it. This is a more robust way to copy geometry and will let you update the published geom and regenerate the copied geom to show the changes. If its a simple feature then copy and paste.

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