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Just checking if anyone was still around.



I'm still here. Your posting woke me up and I had to clear
the cob webs from myself and my PC. 🙂


I am still here - but have not done any CADDS programming in over a year...

Still some Optegra stuff out there - but slowly dying...

Bill Hess
Technology Resource Group

Still here too - but, no more CADDS, just UG.

Wayne Meyer
Strohwig Industries
3285 Industrial Road
Richfield, WI 53076

262.628.5437 ph
262.628.3164 fax

Still here and down to 3 seats of Personal Designer.

And 1 Cadds5

Rick Hill

Mechanical CAD Administrator NA

EMERSON Network Power

Voice: (440) 246-4756

Fax: (440) 246-4881

Please note my new email address: rick.hill
<">> <">>

Please update your records.

I am still here too.... doing ProE with a sprinkling of CADDS.... on the west

BAE uses ProE, at least the contracts I was offered. They used to be United
Defense, which was UG, then converted to CADDS.

I think Raytheon is also ProE.

Rick Henry

Hey Animal, Still in Phoenix?

We use UG NX here. I think Sylvania/Osram is completely off CADDS.

The wife and kids are in Phoenix... I am working in San Diego. Daughter
has one more year of school then we sell it all and get out of Phoenix. I
have been in SD now for almost 5 years. I am now a grandfather x2 also.

Rick Henry

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