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WF 5 - C2 Rounds and Draft


WF 5 - C2 Rounds and Draft

Hi all!

Just started to use WF 5 in earnest and love the new C2 rounds. However... I have NOT been able to add draft to any surfaces that touch a C2 round. If I change the round type to a normal arc, the draft now works fine. (imagine a 5-sided box with a round on each of the interior vertical wall intersections)

Why is this?


Draft - then round?

O.K., let me clarify a bit. I'm doing a project with the rounds in a skeleton file. Top down design stuff. My skeleton is the master for the ID surfaces. These C2 rounds are surfaces where mulitple parts cross the same surface. Hence my need to have the rounds be in the part file prior to any draft feature.

Any suggestions?

If I am understanding it correctly, seems you would want the draft on the cosmetic surfaces as well?? Just my experience.

Patrick Fariello


As a rule....draft will not work after the round is placed.

Now the issue: True Class A/exterior/ID surface work utilizes "developed" geometry instead of "resultant" geometry. By placing a round (C2 or not) on a flat/non-drafted surface, you are in effect utilizing "resultant" ID methodolgy. You will constantly face the issue of downstream parts not behaving as you require by approaching a master model in this way.

You must

If your rounds are in the skeleton file, then your draft should also be in the skeleton. Drafting after the fact will not keep your C2 continuity. You can create draft in the part by creating the draft surface manually, but that is a LOT of effort.


Hi Lar, I think that the other guys are right. Based upon my experience - you've gotta model the draft into the skeleton model. Good Luck!

I would assume that, if I add draft, then the C2 round is no longer C2 at some intersetctions.

I just found it very interesting that I CAN do what I've described if I use a NORMAL round. It's only when I change the round type to C2 that the draft fails.

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