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What are your top 10 reasons for going to Wildfire 4.0?


What are your top 10 reasons for going to Wildfire 4.0?

Please post 10 and only 10 reasons for moving your organization to Wildfire 4.0:

(be brief, be clear, be done)
(smile its almost Friday!)

Thanks in Advance

Andrew Amsden
CAD\PDM Administrator
Midmark Corporation


Top 10 reasons for Design Central to move to WF4:

1 - A client requires it.
2-10 - See #1.


Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

4 is so close to 3 it's hardly a decision... at least as far as I can
see... (note that we do not use Intralink and our largest customer does
not place a CAD software requirement on us...)

The biggest advantages I see are in Mechanica...

Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV , Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI, 48326-1766

Here's my 10, or is it 2 cents:

1) Improvements in Pro/MANUFACTURING

2) Ability to use ISDX Trace Sketches in Assembly Mode

3) Improved Trace Sketch controls and display options in Style

4) Merging more than two quilts in a single feature if they share
the same edge boundary

5) Style model tree

6) Improved selection capabilities when creating a composite datum

7) Improved rendering capabilities with ARX

😎 Dimmed / Transparency display of inactive models when a
component is activated in an assembly

9) REX (Restyle) enhancements

10) Draft feature creation for open surfaces

Mike Brattoli

Moen Incorporated

Engineering Systems Administrator

25300 Al Moen Drive

North Olmsted, OH 44070

i havent switched yet, but i went to a workshop a couple weeks ago that
gave me 5 good reasons to do so.

here they are

1) mechanica lite

2) 3-d pdf

3) feature recognition plug-in (free download from for
imported geometry)

4) tolerance analysis

5) sketcher diagnostics

again, i havent switched yet, so im not sure how useful these will be,
but they looked promising.

Laura Woodward

Saab Training, LLC

Orlando, FL

(407) 281-3012

We have only 1

We're connecting all our plants globally and need to move to the same revision of software. Since Intralink 3.4 will soon lose it's support, we are moving to the latest version, which is Intralink 9.1. This in turn will force us to move to Wildfire 4.0.

While I'm sure Wildfire 4.0 will bring a lot to the table, most of our users are happy (and successful) with 2.0 and see no need to put themselves through more training, waiting, learning, new errors, etc. While some look forward to the change, others do not.

An extra one :layers status of parts can be saved onassembly level.

This will allow users without write access to particular parts, change the layer visibility of parts in assembly context, and save these assemblies including the layer status without saving the parts.

Regards, Hugo.

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Mark Steffke

#11) We have seen a reduction in retrieval times for large assemblies
(can = big $'s for some companies...)


Putting my Plug Power hat back on - the items that were of interest to us (PP is still on WF3, but was testing before I left) -

  1. Sketcher mode improvements (vertex display, shade closed sections, etc.)
  2. retrieval speed improvements
  3. Hyperelastic material models in Mechanica (modeling gaskets and such)
  4. NPT hole feature
  5. flexible components show properly in a repeat region
  6. 64bit PDF creation
  7. Ribbon cables
  8. Merged install for Mechanica (ok as an Admin I threw that in - but makes life easier 🙂
  9. Big contact model improvements in Mechanica
  10. Lots of 3D annotation improvements (we had been driving towards model-centric design)
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