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Where are all the Pro/E Designers at?


Where are all the Pro/E Designers at?

Hi All,

I've recently started paying attention to, and using this web site. I think it's a great source to learn and guide others. I also think it's a great place for the users to influence PTC. I've been a PTC user for more that 15 years, and they need a little influence.

Anyway, PTC has tons of customers, but this web site seems to have less than a thousand active users. Come on all, lets start using this as an everyday tool. If you browse the website, but don't input to it, go ahead and ask a question, or make a comment. I'd love to see more discussion, polls, tutorials, enhancement ideas, . . . You fill in the blank with what ever you have.

Please say something.

What do you all think? Can we make this a learning tool for all of us?


1000 "active" users? Seriously?

I like the format of this forum a lot better than the "other" forum. Maybe too many people have their nose to the grindstone to pay this much mind. Seems every old time Pro/E user has already found their way to accomplish everthing they need. And new users seem to find what they need in the wealth of documentation out there

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What's the site? Maybe it got filtered out automatically. Could you email a link? I'd be interested in taking a look. Thanks.


The number of replies is about 1% of the number of views

the number of viewers about 1% of number of users.

So about 0.01% are engaged enough to reply to a forum

So most ProE users are disengaged .... so much for the social network

Be interesting to compare that with other CAD systems

From my own experience, everyone starts out bushy tailed - once you do some bug fixing, then new feature requests because the bug is intended functionality, then find nothing happens revision after revision, major release to major release, you realise your time and energy are better spent elsewhere than against the big PTC damper.

Pity because the 1% could add a lot of value to the product - Solidworks have leveraged this, PTC still havent learnt how to do this.

That's exactly what I'm thinking. I've used Pro E since rev 10. Back in those days PTC were true innovators, but now they've seem to forgotten all about the users. I thought that if more people got verbal about it maybe PTC would wake up and see the truth.

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No, I don't work with plastic injection, and it's kind of off discussion as well.

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