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Who is using both SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer? (I will not post a summary on this.)


Who is using both SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer? (I will not post a summary on this.)

Who is using both SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer? I will NOT post a summary
on this for those who want to stay anonymous reply only to me. If you
want the world to know you use both reply to the group.

Brian S. Lynn
Technical Coordinator, Product Engineering


Other than a summary, it would be useful to know the statistics, such as
the number of responses you get.

We've been using Pro/E successfully for 15+ years.
However, out management is intrigued at the apparent lower costs of
But is the total cost of ownership lower than Pro/E?
That remains to be seen.
And we don't even know if SolidWorks can do everything that we do in
Pro/E today.

Gerry Champoux Williams International
Lead Engineer 2280 E. West Maple Road
Information Technology Walled Lake, MI 48390
' (248) 960-2816 7 (248) 960-2607
* - <">mailto:-> *


I use both and the selection depends on the customer requirements, and
primarily which CAD system the client is using. Currently, I receive more
requests for project assistance from smaller companies using SW than the
larger companies that use Pro-E.

However, I do have more tools available with my current license of
SolidWorks, such as ScanTo3D, Routing, static FEA, Motion, etc. May I ask
why you are interested in who is using both?


Chris Thompson

Appian Way Technologies LLC

Powell, Ohio 43065

(614) 595-3751

Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0 & 3.0 (including ISDX)

SolidWorks Office Premium 2007 & 2009

MathCAD 14.0

We use both to suit client preference.


Pat Harris
Principal Engineer
Product Design, Inc.
5133 Washington St., Suite 9
Downers Grove, IL 60515


... Chris

Christopher J. Welcher
Director of Engineering Services

Valley Engineering Group, Inc.
1729 Rutan Drive
Livermore, CA 94551
925.371.5015 (Phone)
925.371.5013 (Fax)
925.525.4095 (Mobile)


I agree with Gerry. Please send out a summary. One thing I do like about the
ProE community is I see more posted questions that receive good answers and
summaries than in the SW community. Let?s not reverse that.

We use both here. Several years ago we did a comprehensive comparison of the
two (base packages of both ProE 2001 and SW 2005) and determined that an
experienced user in ProE was more productive than an experienced user in SW
and the productivity difference outweighed the difference in maintenance
costs. The balance may have tipped since then but would not think so
(actually our in SW guru will choose ProE for projects that are fixed bid).


I use Pro/Engineer, all day for all tasks.

However, when receiving exported data from other CAD Packages.
I ask the Customer for the original CAD and open it with SolidWorks first
and then save it to STEP etc.

Works Great for translation.


I've used Pro/E for over 12 years and am a very advanced user, especially with advanced geometry. Of necessity, in a previous job they pushed me to become proficient in SW 2004. I hated it and am glad I don't use it anymore, and did NOT see anything but an initial and some yearly cost reduction because of the maintenance fee PTC charges. There are things SW simply will not do, especially with regards to controlling surface boundary conditions on complex (i.e. IM plastic) surfaces. Plus, it does not lend itself to top-down design as Pro/E does. I did not find the interface easier, quite the contrary in fact, but then again I HATE icon-based interfaces and actually hate the WF interface. Give me words, not some stupid cryptic, indecipherable icon designed by and for retards.

I DO agree having a copy of SW around is great for translating data. It's data import and repair is far superior to Pro/E, and if I have problems importig directly into Pro/E, I'll do it in SW first, then STEP it into Pro/E and it usually works great. Hnestly, that's the only use I have for SW.

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