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creo what?


creo what?

A co-worker just overheard a conversation here in the engineering cube, and
asked, "What the heck are creo elephants?"


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Mastodons from Louisiana?

Heavily seasoned and blackened in a skillet.


Is it Friday already? J

Jeff <><

Either sandwich cookies shaped like pachyderms or pachyderms that each
sandwich cookies.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

It's funny this topic (the renamingof Pro)came up today. I used to be a Pro/ I am a Creo Element. I kind of feel like I just got kicked in the Jimmy by my little sister's friend Katy...and she ran down the street telling everyone.

I think I will make a push to continue to call is Wildfire 5, 6, 7, 7i, 7i2 know, manly Engineer type stuff. 🐵

That's a brilliant idea. If the user base simply refuses to accept the
silly name change (I have had plenty of time to consider this and I do
really think it is silly, particularly since I live close to
Loiusiana) and continue calling it Pro/E even when issuing P.O.'s for
software and maintenance...

A company I once worked for changed their name. We had some OEM auto
manufacturers that refused to use the new name in meetings with sales
and engineering. One of our exec's sitting in on a meeting corrected
the customer "We are now XXX company"
The customer had more than a decade of good experience with us and
responded "Well, that may be but in this meeting we will continue
calling you YYY because that's what we are comfortable with."

One of the reasons for a change in name, be it company, product, or even
personal, is to disassociate from the original. This isoften doneto hide from
an embarassing action or criminal prosecution.

Or to introduce a new product offering or packaging, as is in this case. To quote Don Henley of the Eagles "Get Over It, Get Over It!"

Manly yes, but I like it too.. *said in my best Irish brogue*

Touche' Terry

My aplologies to our brilliant sisters of the family. I did not mean to exclude all of you. I knew you all were two steps ahead of us knuckle draggers anyway. 🙂


But that's the problem, they would have been fine introducing the new
product with a new name.

They didn't, they RENAMED an existing product WITH NO ADDED FUNCTIONALITY.

And in the process have created a search nightmare for people looking
for answers to questions about using the product. Now you have two
product names to search...

The name change to Pro/E should have waited until the introduction of
the new product.

Heck, the name of this list is now wrong, what will happen with that?

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 10:12 AM, SWANK Will (CNH) <-> wrote:
> Or to introduce a new product offering or packaging, as is in this case. To
> quote Don Henley of the Eagles “Get Over It, Get Over It!”

" knuckle draggers"

23-Emerald II

Another quote from Don Henley "When Hell Freezes Over", which maybe when this topic dies.


Although I can certainly relate to the search-for-info issue, the realities of the marketplace say that PTC would not have "been fine" introducing the new name with the new product. No matter how real full upwards compatibility is, a new product always has market risk and competitors love to play the "oh, if PTC is going to force you to change products why not change to our product instead?..." game. In this case we have two very established software products that will be replaced by one. By changing the name early, PTC is making "Creo" familiar (if not yet loved) because our customers already own it -- less "new product" shock, predictions of our demise, etc.

I've worked at PTC for a long time but used and loved Pro/E even longer. Whether it's called Pro/E, Wildfire, or Creo Element/Pro, it's still the best thing going and I'm looking forward to the improved usability and capability that Creo promises. As a member of the sales team, I'm also glad we're getting the name-issue out of the way early.



I am guessing the name issue will be there until it changes to something else............... 🙂

Patrick Fariello

Hi Everyone.......

The name is just hard to get you arms around and like...........

At the millennium they played into that idea with 2001....that one wasnt bad to swallow and WF has been good as well. As said before its like another company has taken over PTC and product line and is trying to shake away that old relationship. Might be the case anyway seen it happen a lot over the years.

CREO doe not seam to have a meaning/relationship based in engineering, mechanical, industrial, based design work. It seams to be a stumbling stick being held out there when you go to sell your talent to some one on any level in that the skill requirements are going to be something like this......need to have 3 plus years in CREO. and they get a resume with 10 years using ProE so the phone cal will go well Mr Black I dont see that you have any CREO experience. I cannot submit your resume because of it. Or could you change your s\resume to say 3 years of experience with CREO when in fact it hasnt been out for one year!

In closing its just a hard name to accept and the reasons behind the change seams somewhat filled with ulterior motives.

I have no problem with whatever PTC decides to call its products. We still install into numbered dirs like \Pro25, \Pro26, \Pro27, etc... everything internal to the software seems to still use version numbers anyway.

I agree that the name change rings hollow and smacks of 'Marketspeak'. Is it possible that PTC wants to take away some of the buzz of Solidworks' V6 demo that proposes to do much of the same things that CREO is aimed at?

In the end, I just wish that PTC would concentrate on making good software that works in some sensible way. This is not flashy or sexy, but it works. I'm on my 3rd, (or is it 4th) (r)evolution of the UI since rev 19 and it is getting really tiring. (red/yellow, then pink/purple, now tan/grey datum planes for instance.) why???

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company
124 Hidden Valley Road
McMurray, PA 15317

I think CREO is a great name!

It is of course named after Miss Creo the Jamaican psychic.

The idea is that if you have enough foresight with your design intent,

You can make some really wicked flexible cost saving stuff!

And as Norb pointed out... is the perfect acronym for

"Crushing Resumption of Employment Opportunities."

I don't see what everyone is complaining about...

Best wishes,

Frederick Burke


i am very impressed at you ability to putting meaning to CREO!

Very appropriate comment! Since version 14 great but also very frustrating, at times, to use.

Dan Evanson

I think the name change is exactly that - "marketspeak". It is an attempt to emphasize that the product you use today is Creo and the product you'll get months from now will be Creo. It may look different, work a little differently, and have even more powerful capabilities, but underneath it is still the product that you have used for years.

Compare that to "Solidworks V6". Same name. Different Kernel. (CATIA V5 anyone?)

That being said, I'm not that fond of the change and the confusion that it causes, but I think I can get used to it and if it delivers on its promise I'll be ok with them changing the name every six months if they want to!

John Frankovich

GSI Group LLC<">>

The creo brand name is apparently being developed by Mechanica. What?
Yes a brand development firm named Mechanica. Maybe someone lost a bar
bet and instead of pink-slips they traded...

Brilliant move actually....

When Mechanicabills PTC for all theprofoundalphabet soup activities in naming ouremasculated software,someone in accounting will "accidently" mis-categorize the payment to their internal Mechanica FEABusiness Unit...PAID IN FULL!

Oops...invoice? Payment...what?

Business School movewritten all over that one.

Can we stick a fork in this topic? No matter how much you dislike it, question it, don't understand it, etc., it's not going to change. Simple fact...


I don't have the energy to delete another 50 email responses on the topic and I'm too lazy to setup a filter 🙂


New rule for 2011!

No blaming! No complaining! No justifying!

They are the enemies of reality and productivity.

They give your power away and make you helpless.

Let's take this bull by the horns baby!

Love the pic by the way...

Isn't there supposed to be a printer somewhere around there?

Live long and prosper,

Frederick Burke

Here is the confusing part for me. I am so fed up with Wildfire and all the UI mess that came with it. We are on version 5 and the UI is still not complete and it's not user friendly at all.

This is why I prefer for PTC to throw away everything and start from scratch. From my understanding, this is what CREO 1.0 will bring us. The scary part is that PTC employees are dancing on a thin line when it comes to the CREO brand. They try to make it sound like CREO 1.0 is going to be nothing more than an upgrade from CREO elments/pro. If this is true, then CREO 1.0 is not a brand new product developed from the ground up and that is scary. I don't want CREO 1.0 to use any of the Unix crap code that Wildfire uses. I want something new, clean and written for Windows. This is why the competition is making changes easily with their code and PTC is struggling to make the old menu manager disappear. They where trying to polish a turd and when the shine wears off, you realize you still hold a turd in your hands.

I can't seem to get a straight answer from PTC on how CREO 1.0 is developed. Is it a brand new code and engine written in native Windows that will drive their future CAD products? I sure hope so. If anyone can confirm this for me and point me to a document that makes it clear, I would appreciate it.

Let Wildfire burn a slow death and let something new and refreshing take it's place.

What say you?

P.S. PTC/User will not need a name change.

"Too many people walk around like Clark Kent, because they don't realize they can Fly like Superman"

"The scary part is that PTC employees are dancing on a thin line when it comes to the CREO brand. They try to make it sound like CREO 1.0 is going to be nothing more than an upgrade from CREO elments/pro"

I couldn't agree more. I experienced this first hand on a conference call with my manager and PTC to discuss the former CoCreate. Prior to the call I had been explaining how the /pro and /direct tools would be integrated into a common UI as demonstrated at the Creo launch event and how we would leverage and benefit from that in engineering. Once on the call, however, this PTC rep went on and on about how the /direct tool wouldn't really change in menus or function once Creo was released, and the time we put into learning it now wouldn't be wasted because there wouldn't be a learning curve, just more functionality.

I just sat and shook my head at my manager...

John Frankovich
GSI Group LLC<">>

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