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hidden lines in no hidden view


hidden lines in no hidden view

I just started using Creo2 about a month ago and I'm having an issue with the no hidden view. For some reason, I am seeing the outlines of threaded holes in my no hidden view. The lines are purple. I have a couple of other parts that I have imported as an .igs file and they are acting similarly. Does anyone know what the problem might be. I don't want to see the outline of threaded holes in my no hidden view.

Any help would be greatluy appreciated.



Is this in a drawing view? The purple edges are surface features (as opposed to solid). Creo creates thread features as surfaces and your imported igs likely came in as surface geometry not solid.

In the display properties for the view select HLR for Quilts (HLR = Hidden Line Removal and a quilt is a collection of surface geometry)

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I just found the answer. Thanks for the response.

I went to options, model display, and checked the box next to Fast hidden lines removal and they disappeared.


Have a look at drawing file detail.dtl settings:



I also ran into another setting but lost it. It allows slecting and erasing the thread feature.

Another interesting find:

Did you know that you erase -all- the cosmetic threads in one click?

RMB on the view in the drawing tree and look at the top entry:


You can erase each individual thread by selecting the hole while in the annotation tab. But the features don't show up as "erased" in the drawing tree under the view like other erased features do.

You cannot select erased cosmetics but you can unerase -all- the cosmetics in one button with this same RMB and it will provide the selection: UNERASE COSMETICS.

The threads only seem to appear in purple when you have the view display set to Wireframe.

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