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internal ring gear...


internal ring gear...

Hi folks,

I need to generate an internal tooth ring gear. The PD and # of teeth, etc.
are designed, but I am not happy with the accuracy of the CAD geometry I
found downloading a sample from SDP. (SDP has a 24 pitch 6" ID, I need a
10", but the tooth profile on their model is a simple straight tooth
approximation) Would anybody out there know of a good source for that type
of geometry for download? I don't want to go through the exercise of
generating the involute profile, but I need something close for

Thanks a lot!

Nathan Rollins
BearsFeat, Inc.


Well, I did learn something that I will pass on.

I got the usual links to MCAD central, etc. where one can find some examples
of gears - not really any internal spurs like I needed, but thanks to all
who took the time to respond.

Someone mentioned Boston Gear, which I had forgotten about. Thanks for that
link. But the models that you can download from there (once you figure out
how to use their site) are Pro|E neutral files.

I did find via Google, the set of engineering calc worksheets called MITCalc
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