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pro_format_dir stopped working in WF4.0 w/ PDMLink

5-Regular Member

pro_format_dir stopped working in WF4.0 w/ PDMLink

Running WF4.0 M220 and PDMLink 9.1

My pro_format_dir option has stopped working


Any suggestions?

Seems to work after I manually navigate there the first time but seems odd.


Scott R


I had a problem with the same issue early on. It seems to be an issue with the I had it working early on but for some reason the typed path and the browsed path are not the same. All I had to do was take the version that works after your browse and then save it and make that line part of the global

This should fix your problem.

Ronald B. Grabau
Roseville, CA

Also check that all of your users establish their connection to the PDMLink server with the exact same name including case(Name field in the Register New Server dialog to connect to windchill). We had a similar issue and it seemed to be because, using yourexample, the master config stated wtpub://PDM-Production/Products/xxxx/yyyy/formats/ as the server and location of the formats. Some users had entered "Name" when establishing a connection to WIndchill as PDM-Production some had entered pdm-production. The people that had entered pdm-production (lower case) didn't get the format directory correctly. Everyone has to make their WIndchill server connection by entering the name field exactly the same for settings like this one in a central config file to work.


We have an organisation where users are on WF4. They experience from time to time very great delays in reponse when going to the pro_format_dir (they have to wait several minutes before the window opens). But it always opened, and the phenomenon disappeares after restarting Windchill, unitl it re-appears.

Very annoying.

We were on WF3, no problem, we are now on WF5 in another organisation, no problem. So we guessed it was WF4 related.

Yesterday, our VAR succeeded to identify a specific Oracle querie to be the culprit. It was sent to PTC TS, no response yet, but at least, its a lead.

To be continued ...

<< ProE WF5 M150 - PDMLink 9.1 M060>>

This may be fixed in a later version of WF4. M210 has a lot of speed improvements and bug fixes.

David Haigh

We have the same issue with WF4 M190. We stopped doing maintenance builds so that we could get ready to move to Creo 2 so we are dealing with it until the upgrade happens.

John Bennett
Cad Business Administrator
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