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Measure Distance


Measure Distance

I'm new to Creo 2.0 (From 2001) and I need to measure between two planes.
So far, I've had no luck using Measure Distance. Can anyone help ?

21-Topaz II

The thing that may be tripping you up is that you must hold the control
key to pick more than one item. If you just keep picking, the first
thing is deselected when you pick the second.

I have to add that the Creo2 measure tool is fabulous, one of the best
things about it. In fact, it's noteworthy in how PTC listened to the
community. We had a big discussion here about how they had screwed it
up (in WF5?) and the tool in Creo 2 is the fruit of PTC paying attention
to that. Only it I'd pick is there is still no way to toggle the
measurement between the near and far tangents of curved items.

The only thing I miss is the idea of picking a start point and being
able to repeatedly pick new end points. I felt that was very efficient.

Oh, and I'd suggest you not use Measure -> Distance and just click
Measure. Then when pick two items, you get a bunch of information, not
just distance. It's quite nice.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Pick the ANALYSIS tab / MEASURE / DISTANCE/ change the selector to SURFACE / Pick 1st surface / hold down the CTRL button / Pick 2nd surface.

What I don't like about this new set up is if you want to measure the distance between the 1st surface and a 3rd surface, you can't just pick the 3rd surface to get the distance like you could in Wildfire 4. You have to start all over, 1st surface then 3rd surface.

You can also select the second surface again to “deselect” it and then you can select the 3<sup>rd</sup> surface. The first surface stays in memory. Keep the control key down during this process.

Same difference though.

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In Reply to donald schelling:

I'm new to Creo 2.0 (From 2001) and I need to measure between two planes.
So far, I've had no luck using Measure Distance. Can anyone help ?

23-Emerald II

That' a good tip since sometimes it "hard" to select the desired surface, it could be a nice timesaver.


That's not necessarily accurate. To pick another surface as the 2nd object, simply click on the "To" box (highlighted below) in the GUI window then pick the surface.
No need to start over.


Regards, SMS

Steve Shannon
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The repeatedly pick new items is available in Creo 2.0, but it is implement a little backwards, so to say.
One of the users here discovered, that after selecting two references you can RMB on the reference you will change and select Replace from the menu. Now every selection will replace this reference and keep the other.
The benefit to previous versions are that you can pick the first two references in any order and decide which to replace or swap the replacement as you go.

Another trick is to press and hold Alt while selecting to by-pass the smart filter. It enables you to pick an edge directly instead of drilling down into the model > feature > surface > edge.


Good to know. I learned something today. Thanks. Can I go home now?

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Don, Everyone; The link to the sample chapter listedon our Creo Parametric Updatepromo pageis the Model Analysis chapter of the course and it contains a lot of info on the new Measure function in Creo 2. It describes how to measure to the near and far extents of a arc instead of just to the center as well as other functionality.
21-Topaz II


The dialog shown is WF5 and earlier, the Creo 2 measure tool does not
have separate 'From' & 'To' fields.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Worked perfectly. I missed the control key.

Thanks to all !

And if picking items is a pain, (since I hate the Smart filter, and Geometry give me too much) you can create your own from File/Options/Selection. In fact, it can be different for part modeling and assembly modeling. In the image below is how I have it set for part modeling, and for assemblies I have it only set for Surface. It makes picking things for measuring and copying much easier.


The only enhancement I would add to this, is to have multiple "My Filters" with the ability to name them whatever I want. I'd definitely separate these (surface and edge) if I could.


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