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[proi] - Summary: Agile for managing Pro E Data.


[proi] - Summary: Agile for managing Pro E Data.

No doubt users hate change, believe I'm experiencing this with our
current Windchill implementation.

But the case I make reference to had nothing to do with change, the
product just simply didn't work.



Since someone mentioned ProductCenter from Softtech, so I have to take
this jab.

Even if you do have a successful third party implementation, PTC can
dump them from their certified third party program at any time. At
least that's what PTC has done to Softtech. Softtech is no longer
allowed to update their software to work with PTC's software. There are
some convoluted ways around this issue which all seem pretty silly to me
(read: "pay money to PTC).

You might argue that Softtech did something wrong to PTC to force this
issue. But PTC would never give an explanation (I asked over and over
again). And if Softtech did do something wrong and deserved to be
booted, it still shouldn't be a revenue increasing opportunity for PTC
(they recommended the software!). PTC's solution (if you didn't want to
switch to a PTC PDM solution) was to have every customer purchase a
$20,000 (+yearly maintenance) of Toolkit. Sounds like a win-win
situation to me.

In my opinion, just one more black eye for PTC.

What SofTech did wrong was to position themselves so that they required
the use of Toolkit to enable their PLM solution to function with Pro/E.

I'm very surprised that SofTech was allowed to use Toolkit this long to
enable their PLM solution. After all, PTC has been a PLM software
company since 1998 - it doesn't make any business sense for them to
allow a 3rd party to use PTC products to create a piece of software that
competes with their own products.

Best Regards,
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