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[solutions] - How to manage MethodServer.log


[solutions] - How to manage MethodServer.log

I create a new log every time the method server is started. A new
folder for each day and a new file with a timestamped name.log for each
time it stops/restarts during the day. This is done via a line(s) in
the file. I will share if it is the solution you choose.


Archie Cameron
CAD Systems Admin
Polaris Industries Inc.


Yeah that's right. I stop/restart the methodserver just after midnight
each day and keep the verbosity settings off unless I'm troubleshooting.

We are running 1 methodserver and 1 BG methodserver. My daily files
for all the methodserver logs is usually less than 3MB when everything
is working right so I haven't seen the large file issue on a normal
basis but I understand what you are saying.
BTW. We are running 626 DSU 04 since 2003 and have about 3.5k to 4k
change objects in process at any one time.
We are now in process of going to PDMLink9.x

Here is the file setting that I use. Please test before
$DATE creates a folder each new day. Today's folder name is:
A log name might be 2.53-52.log for a log created at 2:53:52 am.
Hope this helps.

Comment out the existing wt.method.log.file setting and add.

g <file: \\methodserver.$date(yy-m-dd\h-m-ss).log=">

Archie Cameron

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