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wf3 vs creo


wf3 vs creo

hello proe pros...

my question to you:

is there a significant difference between proe wf 3 and creo 1.0 ?

I'm still using wf3.




I'm working with Creo/Pro 5.0, and here are the advancements over 3.0 that I've worked with a lot.

The biggest change is the addition of the widely criticized "ribbon" interface for drawings. Personally, I have found it to be a god-send when working with large assy drawings. 2nd largest change would be the failure mode. Creo no longer demands that a failure be resolved to continue working. this is extrememely beneficial when a downstream part change that you have to make will resolve the failure [you no longer need to resolve 2 failures because of an integral change involving 2 parts, you can just change said parts]. Patterning has many improvements such as "curve" and "point" patterns. They add a "save and open" button for saving a copy of an assembly (they should add one for part copies as well tho). Patterning patterns, grouping groups, and the interaction between the two are much improved, but still need more work IMO. Replacing by unrelated component now has a reference manager dialogue box which allows you to modify the reference prior to replacement such that there are no failures to resolve.

I'm sure there are many more I'm forgetting here, but these are the biggest I've noticed.

We are in a similar situation - going from 3.0 to 5.0 - and I do like
the change a lot. However, I'm having trouble with appearances (the old
color manager). Does anyone have a quick overview of the texture
ability? I can grab textures via jpegs from the web and apply them but I
can't control their shape on the surface. If I grab a "square" texture,
it distorts when applied to a non square surface. What am I missing?

Richard A. Black

Lead Design Engineer

Eaton Corporation

440 Murray Hill Road

Southern Pines

NC 28387 USA

It seems some people still get confused when using the word Creo. Creo 1.0 is not Creo/Elements Pro 5. The question is asking about Creo 1.0

We are running Creo 1.0 full production across two facilities. The difference between Pro/ENGINEER and Creo are mainly based on the User Interface. Creo 1.0 has a modern Ribbon UI across the entire software. Moving from modeling, sketcher, drawing and assembly is seemless across the UI.

Creo 1.0 has added new functionality such as extrudes with tapers, but most of the improvements are in ease of use. Creo 1.0 makes creating and edditing features faster by eliminating dialog boxes that provided very little use to the end user and allow you to do more dynamic edits with your features.

You will not be learning anything new when it comes to the features because they are the same as Pro/ENGINEER. You still have Extrudes, Sweeps, Datum planes, etc.

One helpful feature in Creo 1.0 for those moving forward with PTC's newest CAD application is the Search function. The Search function in Creo 1.0 will help you find any command you used in Wildfire 1 through 5 by quickly showing you where it's located in the Ribbon UI. This makes it easier to learn the new locations to the same commands you used in Pro/ENGINEER. Some commands have been renamed, but for the most part, they are the same.

Creo/Elments Pro 5 is nothing more than Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 with a new name. Creo 1.0 on the other hand is a new version of the software entirely.

I have a short Youtube video that shows you some basic things about Creo 1.0 and the Search function.

I did not provide any training for my users when we moved from Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 (Creo/Elements Pro 5) to Creo 1.0. The features are almost all the same and the search function allowed them to find the commands they used quickly. I would say after 2 days they were all running just fine with Creo 1.0

Is Creo 1.0 Better?

Depends on your defenition of better. I know for us it's easier to use, easier to teach a new user and we increased our productivity in several areas. Pro/ENGINEER has always been powerful but not always fun to use. Creo 1.0 has the same power if not more and they are trying to improve the user experience as well. Creo succeeds in many areas but it does have it's share of bugs like any other version of the software.

I suggest for people to install it and take it for a test drive to see if you think your department is ready for the move. We tested everything we currently do with Pro/ENGINEER when we tested Creo 1.0 and it made sense for us to move forward with it.

We like it a lot more than Pro/ENGINEER.

Just some thoughts.

Here is the video link:

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