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Creo 4.0: Start here! for Flexible Modeling (in Sheet Metal)

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I'm creating this blog to be the central home page for anyone interested in trying out the new functionality in Creo 4.0 Sneak Peek relating to Flexible Modeling in Sheet Metal and regular part mode.

Below will be links to my other blog posts on specific detailed topics under the mentioned theme. I will update the links as I post more information.

Ideally you might want to reply to this post so that we can keep the threads linked.


Thanks and best regards…Martin



FMX: Video - Exposure of Flexible Modeling tools in Sheet Metal

FMX: Video - New Sheet Metal specific Flexible Modeling tools to modify Sheet Metal Design Objects


Even though this blog post is a few years old. I hope you can help me out.

Is it consider acceptable practice to leave features modified by Flexible Modeling without "Redefining" them once the change was proven. Frequently I see the warning pop up regarding features detected to be Flexible Model features. 

Having not used this function very much. It makes me leery when I see these messages. As though something was left incomplete.

Is it best practice to redefine Flexible Modeled features before storing the model?

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