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Creo Sketcher Tips &. Techniques

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Check out this video on Creo Sketcher from PTC Application Engineers. Presenters:  Emily Pinto (Solution Consultant), Lino Tozzi (Technical Specialist, Fellow) & Tom Quaglia (Creo Segment Sales). 





Question from Anonymous:  What is the difference between a Palette section and a UDF?

Answer:  Palette is just for a sketcher.  UDF is for the entire feature or multiple features.

Question from Anonymous:  How about palette for a body instead of a sketch (like a sub part)?

Answer:  For other features and bodies, you can use UDFs.

Question from Anonymous:  Can you please put the palette folder name here?

Answer:  The option is:  2d_pallette_path

Question from Anonymous:   How do I get file to always run?  My settings always reset.  I tried Google, but no luck.

Answer:  You would need to save the file after editing and make sure it is seen on startup.




Question from Brian:  How did that "tips and techniques" tab get added to the palette?

Answer:  By creating the folder and putting the .sec files in them.



Question from Christian:  When I create a centerline and want to specify a diameter using the "dimension" button, I can only specify the radius.  How to I specify the diameter?

Answer:  You need to select the line twice and you will get the diameter.



Question from Dhanashri:  Can we create Palette in system files?

Answer:  Yes, as long as there is a visible path.



Question from Diana:  How did you add the image for the grip?

Answer:  View/Model Display/Images; Import, place and scale the image.



Question from Nadeem:  Can we save sketches in a local folder, and access them through the palette?

Answer:  yes

1. Create a new section or retrieve an existing section

2. Save the section to the subdirectory corresponding to the Sketcher palette tab within the Sketcher shape directory

The file name of the section appears as the name of the shape along with the thumbnail of the shape within the Sketcher palette tab

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