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Creo View Overview/Interference Tips & Techniques

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Check out this video on Creo View from PTC Application Engineers 

Presenters: Jason Petersen (Solution Consulting, Principal) and Lino Tozzi (Solution Consulting, Fellow).



Webcast Q&A

Question from Adam:  Is this lightweight enough to run on a laptop without a discreet GPU?

Answer:  This is a lightweight viewer and is much faster than viewing the native CAD file.  Jason is using a laptop and it is not taking advantage of the GPU.

Webcast Q&A

Question from Anonymous:  What do you do if your top-level assembly is too large to be retrieved in Creo?  Can it still be published by Windchill and converted to a Creo View file?

Answer:  Yes, we use the concept called "positional assemblies".  In Creo Parametric, you would only view sub-assemblies but the massive top-level could be viewed using Creo View.

Question from Anonymous:  Can a demo be arranged on how to work with positioning assemblies and Windchill/Creo View?

Answer:  Yes, please reach out to your sales rep.  Send us an email if you don't know who that it.  Or alternatively, you can check here.

Question from Anonymous:  In what version of Windchill and Creo View is the server run interference detection available?

Answer: It has been available for a long time.  I don't have the exact version but I believe it is Windchill 10x and Creo View 4 roughly.  It goes back at least 8 years.

Question from Anonymous:  Do you need Creo View MCAD to view interferences?

Answer:  Yes, along with a module called Creo View Interference Check

Webcast Q&A

Question from Christopher:  Is there a way to really strip out attributes and also is there a way to 'mashup' attributes into the model?

Answer:  There is a way to do that by manipulating the recipe file.  Not sure I understand what mashup attributes means.
Question from Christopher:  I have always wondered if you could edit the files to add additional attributes like from a separate text file, say we want to make a PVZ to send to a field engineer but have the attributes tweaked the way we want but without having to go edit CAD files and .wtparts which are all locked because the design is released.

Answer:  Outside of Windchill it is possible through some command line tricks, using tools with the adaptor.  With Windchill you would have to have a second worker to process variables.  I think it is possible through customization.

Question from Christopher:  What about a markup package on a Creo drawing, Creo model and office doc package?

Answer:  Yes, you can combine multiple views into one PVZ file.  Very easy with Windchill by just adding to the same Creo View session.

Question from Christopher:  Is that floor just an option?

Answer:  Yes, it is just a setting.

Question from Christopher:  If the change is really small, say you moved a surface 0.1, is it still visible?

Answer:  There is a  tolerance for this.  The quality of publishing would also affect this.

Question from Christopher: Is view state compare just part of the MCAD license?

Answer:  No, it requires a license add-on.

Question from Christopher:  Isn't interference detection a different license?

Answer:  Yes, that is also a separate license.  Extensions to Creo View MCAD.


Webcast Q&A

Question from Craig:  To set a move back, how is that done?

Answer:  You can reset the position of anything you have moved.  There is a command in the toolbar for that.

Webcast Q&A

Question from Greg:  What Creo View 8.0 features are not available or have been added vs. Creo View 6.0 (this is what we are using)?

Answer:  The full list of what's new is located in Help.

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