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Creo "Advanced Modeling" Tips & Techniques Session Recording (West Coast)

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Check out this video on Creo Advanced Modeling Techniques from PTC Application Engineers

Presenters: Lino Tozzi (Technical Specialist, Fellow) and Tom Quaglia (Creo Segment Sales).

Original Date Presented: Feb 10th, 2022. 



Webcast Q&A

Question from JoelCan  you use a spinal bend to bend an assembly?

Answer:  With Creo 7, you can mimic an assembly using a Multi-body part but it can only be done on a part.

Webcast Q&A

Question from JonAre you adding the select tangent surfaces outside of Flexible Modeling?

Answer:  Workaround is to offset with 0.

Webcast Q&A

Question from Chris Can you define quilt?  Is it the same as a surface?  

Answer:  Yes, a quilt is a surface.  It can be a single surface or a set of joined surfaces.

Webcast Q&A

Question from RobertIt sounds like it cannot follow a continuous graph curve at this point, unless it's helical, correct?

Answer:  It has to have a varying x and y and can't intersect itself. 

Webcast Q&A

Question from ThomasCan you deselect one item after intent selection?

Answer:  Intent selection has an inherent rule of "all" edges of a feature like an extrude.  It is not just a shortcut for selecting many edges, it adds intelligence.  So, the short answer is no.

Webcast Q&A

Question from WagnerIn the selection tip:  By default Creo selects the edge first and we have to click on the second button to go to the edge intent.  Can I change in config pro so that the edge intent is the first to be selected?

Answer:  I don't think so.  There are going to be many situations where you only want one edge selected.

Question from WagnerThe volume sweep is only for a cut?

Answer:  Yes, only for a cut.

Webcast Q&A

Question from ChristianWhat's the purpose of creating a profile when doing a toroidal bend?

Answer:  Because you can curve it in two directions, like getting the wall and tread of the tire at the same time.

Hey Paisan!  Interesting video, I had never had the need to flatten a quilt, so it was good to see and learn that.  They moved the buttons around but even i Creo 4 (the version I'm stuck on) you can still use the reference that the sketching section creates to do the swept surface tangent to the 2 other surfaces, it's just in the sketcher references menu.  Good to see PTC teaching things (evalgraph with trajpar) that I figured out back in...oh, 1999/2000. 😉  They weren't teaching it then, dunno when they figured it out or started teaching it.  Looks like there's another use for graphs either they don't know or aren't teaching.  Interesting.


So, how did I get this coil to do several 360deg rotations in the trajectory itself as it's usually limited to a full 360deg circle (not the rotations along the trajectory which I've found no limit for - unlike SolidQuirks)?  😉  It was a sweep done in a single trajectory (no cheating with arc segments or pattern etc.), and I could have done more or less easily.

Any ideas?


Oh, and are you related to my friend Dr. Luigi Tozzi at the Prometheus Group in Fort Collins CO?






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