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Creo "Reverse Engineering" Tips & Techniques Session Recording

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Check out this video on Creo Reverse Engineering from PTC Application Engineers

Presenters: Lino Tozzi (Technical Specialist, Fellow) and Tom Quaglia (Creo Segment Sales).

Original Date Presented: January 27, 2022



Webcast Q&A

Question from Anonymous:  Can you please show a geometric comparison between a scan and a theoretically perfect model?

Answer:  This is done with Pro/Verify which is now in the Computer Aided Verification module.  Click here for more info.

Webcast Q&A

Question from Chris:  Even though it's not a parametric model, can you dimension features in the drawing?

Answer:  Yes, by putting points on the surface.

Webcast Q&A

Question from Stacia:  Can this make a facet a solid model after filling the holes?

Answer:  You could 3D print and machine.  It is a heavyweight model if you intend on putting it in an assembly as just a faceted model.

Question from Stacia:  What if you wanted a solid model for analysis?

Answer:  The end result of this process is a closed surface volume that you can solidify.

Question from Stacia:  Today we do this process in Geomagic software.  I look forward to doing some testing on this!

Answer:  This is Geomagic but is embedded in Creo.  The advantage here is that you never leave the CAD environment.  You can mix together scanned features and parametric features.



thank you for this presentation. very useful as an introductory session. 

can you, please share the models used in the presentation ?

Many thanks,

Great demo!


Can you share the files of the examples shown in the demo?



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