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Design Exploration/Intelligent Fasteners Tips & Techniques Session Recording (West Coast)

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Check out this video on Design Exploration/Intelligent Fasteners from PTC Application Engineers

Presenters: Lino Tozzi (Technical Specialist, Fellow) and Ryan Butcher (Technical Specialist, Fellow)

Original Date Presented: August 31, 2021

To dive deeper into the subject, check out PTC University.



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Webcast Q&A

Question from BrentWhat defines what is too short, for example?  Do you have a set of rules that can be modified?

Answer:  There are options in the setup for this.

Question from Brent:   When you have a tapered face like that, if you choose 2 counterbore, will it know to do it parallel to the fastener?

Answer:  Yes, it will be automatic.

Question from Brent:   Along that line of thought, can FEA be run on the explore session versions?

Answer:  Yes

Question from BrentThis seems like it would be a good option for revising things before FEA testing; that way if the testing goes bad, you can very easily roll it back.  I am excited to try using this in my day to day work!

Answer:  That is a very good use case!

Webcast Q&A

Question from MarkIs Windchill and Intralink the same thing?

Answer:  They are both built on Windchill Web-Based technology, however they have different capabilities.  Windchill Intralink is primarily used for CAD and Document Management and does not have PLM capabilities like BOM and Config Management, Change Management. etc.

Question from Mark:  Are helicoils defined in the fastener library?

Answer:  Yes, the are part of the library.

Webcast Q&A

Question from RaghuIs IFX a separate module in terms of license?

Answer:  Yes, it is a separate license.  New license packages includes IFX, older ones require a separate license.

Question from RaghuIs it available in Creo 4?

Answer:  Yes, this feature was added in Creo 3.

Question from RaghuMay I ask what those "Sensor" options are, under Tools?

Answer:  Those are related to a tool call Creo Product Insight.  It connects real IoT date to the model.  Please contact your sales rep if you would like more info.


Webcast Q&A

Question form TessaCan you use your own library of fasteners?

Answer:  Yes, you can connect to all your existing fasteners.  It does require some implementation to do this.


Can you please clarify what is meant by "New license packages includes IFX, older ones require a separate license"?


Do these new Creo license packages automatically include the "full IFX license" now or are you simply talking about the "light" or "free" version that has been bundled ever since Creo 3.0?





Hi Tom,

I'm not Dayna (;)), but some time ago I asked the very same question and I was informed that (and verified that in Creo itself), that all the new Creo Design packages (starting with the base one Creo Design Essentials) indeed include FULL version of IFX, as well as Design Exploration, Cabling/Piping, Manikin (Human Factors) and Render Studio extensions. So with the new packages you get the full functionality of IFX, for pre-Creo Design packages you'd need to purchase a standalone extension.

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